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What are our chances?

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Squillo Fri 10-Jul-09 22:39:57

We have a ds (by birth) but had to have fertility treatment which is now very hard to come by so have decided to try for adoption for a second child. We attended a couple of info evenings (one before we had ds) and one more recently and have had our first home visit. The visit went really well but they have had to get some advice as our ds has a medical condition which necessitates regular clinic visits and occasional hospital stays. It is now several weeks since they said they were getting advice (from the medical person on the panel, I think?) and we've not heard anything. I want to contact them, but keep resisting as I don't want to get bad news.

Does anyone have experience of whether this might be a barrier to adoption?

Silver1 Sat 11-Jul-09 00:19:17

No it wont be a barrier-in fact it may be a positive if you can show that
1) BS wont be neglected by adoption
2) That you have experience of a child with special needs
3) That you have and can access support networks

Even if one agency or LA says no- try the next there is no rhyme or reason to these things

Good Luck

Squillo Sat 11-Jul-09 20:47:03

Hey, thanks for your thoughts. I think that they were happy about our ability to cope with stressful situations but concerned about whether there are longer term implications from our ds's condition.

KristinaM Sun 12-Jul-09 19:22:53

It depends on the type of child you wish to adopt. If you are able to parent a waiting child then lots of "problems" and barriers seem to melt away for SS

If you are a white couple in your late 30s or 40s wanting to adopt a healthy baby or young child, then you might well have problems

I agree with Silver1, if you are turned down its worth approaching all the agencies which work in your area

Good luck smile

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