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jenny60 Thu 04-Jun-09 11:44:52

Hi again,

I just wanted to let all you lovely people who replied to my last message know where we are. We are still on the adoption path, have done the prep course and are in the middle of the home study. We decided to go with the local social services in the end as, having spoken to lots of people who've been through it in our area, we decided that they were pretty good. They have a dedicated attachment team and the people in it seem very on the ball. I spoke to two familes who have used that service and they were postive: some attachment problems remain of course, but they have been taught strategies to help manage it.

The social workers we have dealt with so far have been really good, intelligent and honest. There was one we met who seemed pretty dim to me, but fortunately she hasn't been assigned to us. The HS is going fine. I'm not an especially private person so haven't found it too intrusive. We've made it very, very clear that our bc is the number one priority and if we have any doubts as we go along, we will drop out or take time out. We are lucky in that we have a family already: if a second child never comes along for whatever reasons, we will be very sad, but we will be ok. Still, we hope for the best. The sw says she wants us at panel by Christmas so it's all going very quickly as we only did the prep course in March. She also told us that they have a lot of children waiting to be placed at the moment and that we would probably not to have to wait too long. Hmmm: we'll see.

Would still like to hear from others about their experiences: the best advice we've had so far has come from actual adopters and adoptees. It's invalubale.

Thanks again all. J

hifi Fri 05-Jun-09 09:02:00

well done jenny, you seem to be coping well. christmas will whizz along. dont hold them to their word with xmas though as we were going to panel in may and its now actually BOOKED for july.once thats over you will then start to recieve profiles of children, it then becomes very real and exciting.

bran Mon 08-Jun-09 19:28:35

Good luck. I'm glad to hear the HS is going well. I agree with hifi that dates tend to slip a bit, but hopefully it will go smoothly.

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