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good news

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mummyBop Fri 05-Sep-08 18:26:34

We went to court today and our Adoption Order was granted - mum had said she would contest but in the end she didn't come to court, so her consent was overwritten and our children are legally ours and bear our name.

It six months on Moday since they came to live with us and they have done so well.


TheFallenMadonna Fri 05-Sep-08 18:27:41



K999 Fri 05-Sep-08 18:27:59

Congratulations to you all! Fantastic news! smile

HonoriaGlossop Fri 05-Sep-08 18:29:25

oh how lovely smile Congratulations; hope some champagne or something is being quoffed as we write grin

Califrau Fri 05-Sep-08 18:31:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AccipeHoc Fri 05-Sep-08 18:32:43

Wow, I don't know your history, but congratulations. My cousin adopted, and had that agonising period of falling in love with baby without having the certainty of a a completed adoption.

Very happy for you and your family!

SpookyMadMummy Fri 05-Sep-08 19:27:20

Blimey 6 months already!! shock
Congratulations MummyBop and family!! smile

Kewcumber Fri 05-Sep-08 21:50:30

congratulations Bop family.

hester Fri 05-Sep-08 22:48:22

Huge congratulations MummyBop and Boplings smile

Flower3554 Sat 06-Sep-08 07:53:15

Many congratulationssmile I know from some of our adopters how agonizing that wait can be.

Best wishes xxx

PheasantPlucker Sat 06-Sep-08 09:27:35


misspollysdolly Sat 06-Sep-08 10:09:14

Many congratulation Mbop smile!

glad all is going well!

bran Sat 06-Sep-08 19:09:23

Congratulations to all your new family. smile

blithedance Sat 06-Sep-08 19:17:11

Well fantastic news and you have done really well too. What a long way you've all come grin.

mumwhereareyou Sat 06-Sep-08 20:00:50

Congratulations to you all.

Hope you had a nice meal to celebrate, we had ours in June and had party last weekend, best feeling in the world.

oldnewmummy Sun 07-Sep-08 14:17:41

Congratulations! smile

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