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Books about adoption: free to a good home

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Janni Sat 30-Aug-08 13:48:55

Would anybody like any or all of the following books?

Adopters on adoption - Reflections on parenthood and children, by David Howe (BAAF)

Attachment handbook for foster care and adoption - by Gillian Schofield and Mary Beek (BAAF)

Adoption - Changing Families, Changing Times, edited by Anthony Douglas and Terry Philpot

The Adopter's Handbook - information, resources and services for adoptive parents, by Amy Neil Salter.

If so, please CAT me your details and I will send them.

(BTW I still have a library full of adoption books - it's not like I suddenly think I know it all grin)

mumo75 Sat 30-Aug-08 15:03:14

ooo yes please

my email address is

Janni Sat 30-Aug-08 17:08:06

OK - mumo. I'll email you. Do you want them all? - just so others know they're taken.

Janni Sat 30-Aug-08 18:42:17

Thanks for your CAT, mumo - I see you want them all so I'll email you tonight to get your address.

Janni Sun 31-Aug-08 08:24:20

OK, got your address and will send them tomorrow. Good luck with your expanding family ! xx

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