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Can you get adoption cards?

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itati Sat 05-Jul-08 19:03:32

Like new baby but welcome to the family to the child and congratulations? (other word maybe) to the parents?

Yorkiegirl Sat 05-Jul-08 19:05:08

Message withdrawn

bran Sat 05-Jul-08 19:06:36

You can buy them from Adoption UK but I don't think it's necessary really. We got lots of 'Congratulations' cards and a few 'it's a boy/baby boy' cards when we got ds and we were thrilled to get them.

Niecie Sat 05-Jul-08 19:09:22

I got one for my BIL and his wife from the local card shop.

Difficulty is knowing when to send it for me - when the children arrive or when the adoption is finalised which could be many months down the line.

lucicle Sat 05-Jul-08 19:13:37

Message withdrawn

bran Sat 05-Jul-08 19:15:58

Niecie, if you're only sending one then do it when the children arrive. Otherwise send a card for both stages, it could be up to a year between the children being placed and the adoption being finalised and that would be a long time to wait to congratulate them.

Califrau Sat 05-Jul-08 19:22:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

itati Sat 05-Jul-08 19:23:41

Thanks everyone. I will look in the bigger card shops.

greenelizabeth Sat 05-Jul-08 19:24:50

I sent a blacnk card to my cousin when she got her baby, and I just wrote my own message. But the card I got had a baby with a telephone on it. I'd seen others that would have been nice too. not impossible to find a suitable card.

Niecie Sat 05-Jul-08 19:25:39

Thats what we did in the end - I think we sent a congratulations one after court, which was 18mths down the line in their case. We couldn't send a new baby one as the children were 2 and 5yrs so sent the adoption one then as it was more appropriate.

StealthPolarBear Sat 05-Jul-08 19:26:54

i've seen them, yes, in places like clinton's, don't think there's a great deal of choice tho

PertweeAndLemon Sat 05-Jul-08 19:30:33

You could adapt a standard new baby card at <<thinks: I should be on commission, the number of times I've recommended them>>

Kewcumber Sat 05-Jul-08 21:35:06

I too would say congratulations cards are just fine.

ilovemydog Mon 07-Jul-08 20:00:34

or what about a 'welcome home' under the house warming category?

Dynamicnanny Sun 20-Jul-08 16:12:05

I like the welcome home idea

drspouse Sun 20-Jul-08 16:31:56

I got one for a friend that said "Brand New Mummy and Daddy" (which wouldn't be any good for a second adopted child!). I know it takes ages before adoptions are finalised so have actually given it to them now they have a date for bringing him home (he's overseas).

Even though he'll be under 1, all the baby boy cards had prams or rattles and he's not that small!

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