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how do i find out about surrogacy? not to get a baby but to give one?

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toria1979 Fri 11-Jan-08 16:25:00

i have often thought of egg donation or surrogacy does anyone know how i can find out about helping peeps have a baby in this way?

Saturn74 Fri 11-Jan-08 16:26:53

Have seen requests for egg donors from clinics that advertise in The Big Issue.

alwaysdoingsomething Fri 11-Jan-08 16:41:24

You can find your local fertility clinic by going through the HFEA, human fertilisation and embryology authority. Their website has a local clinic search facility. I would say this would be your first port of call if you want to donate eggs, your local clinic will counsel you and go through the process and give details of the necessary health checks and tests. There is a shortage of egg donors and there are many women who would be eternally grateful to anyone one who could give them this wonderful gift.

QOD Fri 11-Jan-08 22:40:34

COTS (Childlessness Overcome Through SUrrogacy)

What a wonderful thing you want to do

toria1979 Thu 17-Jan-08 09:40:01

i will look into thosesites once i get time
i would love o make that difference!

zwartbles Thu 31-Jan-08 21:33:57

We have tried unsuccessfully to find a surrogate, and are now cionsidering adoption, there are very few people willing to be a surrogate, and usually only for people they already know, what you plan to do is wonderful

zwartbles Sat 02-Feb-08 11:03:06

how are you getting on with finding info?

manuka Sat 16-Feb-08 21:02:28

I would love someone to have a baby for me! There's NO WAY I could experience that again and I feel sad about that.
do you have your own children?

tracy1977 Mon 14-Apr-08 23:39:00

I would like to fina a surrogate to have a child for me.I am 30 years old and have 3 children already.when i was 24 i had to have a hystorectomy because i suffered severe beatings from my ex partner,I have recently got married and would love to have a child with my husband.I don't know if there is anyone out there who could help us

berrieb Mon 14-Apr-08 23:46:14

I don't know if this is a realistic idea, but perhaps one of you, if you have the know how, could set up some sort of website/ register to put together those that want to and those that need a surrogate?!( maybe on mumsnet).Just a thought.

QOD Sun 20-Apr-08 09:22:06

hey Berrieb, it's ilegal to advertise for a surrogate inthe UK.
COTS have surrogates join them, IP's join them (Intended Parents) then the surros chose. The IP's can say yes or no, but have no choice.
They will only take on IP's who can't have children any other way.

Its different in America, lots of famous people have used surros, Dennis Quaid, whats his name who plays Fraiser Crane, also, the lady who plays Roz, his producer!
There's a famous English footie player who has too, but I can't remember his name, Sinita tried, but her surro suffered miscarriages. She has successfully adopted, it was a quick track for her as they were perfect of course for mixed race children.

sarahtibs Sun 20-Apr-08 09:54:54

Toria if you want to email me please feel free. I had surrogate twins 5 weeks ago and when I meet the right couple I fully intend to do it again. It was an amazing experience. My email address is

branflake81 Mon 21-Apr-08 16:13:11

Can I ask a very ignorant question?

When you have a child by surrogacy, is it biologically yours? ie, is it possible for your egg to be fertilised with your partner's sperm and then inplanted into the surrogate mother, or is that not possible?

fiodyl Mon 21-Apr-08 16:40:21

es bran that is posible but i think legally the baby 'belongs' to the surrogate mother (and dh if married) but all parties sign an agreement etc and posibly the biologically parents have to adopt the baby once born im not sure though just thinking back to a tv programme i once saw

loobyboo Mon 21-Apr-08 17:04:18

If your looking to become a surrogate or egg donation the best place to look for info is the COTS site and the HFEA lots of useful stuff.

I'm in the process of being a Host surrogate for a friend of mine who is unable to carry any babies herself and when she asked me i looked at these sites and found them very helpful. hoping that we have lift off in the summer with the Embryo transfer.

its a lovely thing that you can do for someone. to see the delight and happiness on their faces and that's from just saying that i would be their surrogate.

michellealw Sat 22-Nov-08 23:41:00

We are part of a group called *a little wish* and our host surrogacy twins arrived in August 2007. There is information on the website and also on the message board.

There are always more intended parents than surrogtes, so if you are thinking of being a surrogate and helping someone it is a really amazing thing to do.

We have a wonderful friendship with our surrogate and it is great to see them together.

Again with egg donation there are always more people needing help than those able to give it

marina20 Wed 11-Feb-09 00:15:50

it has been soooooooooo difficult to find any surrogate mums in uk ! im so upset and starting to lose
please contact me i had an emergency hysterectomy when i was 18 and i really want to start a family .........

QOD Fri 13-Feb-09 22:51:46

Have you joined COTS or SUrrogacy UK?

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