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Foster carers

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labyrinth Sat 29-Dec-07 22:39:04

After reading about foster carers I would like to make a comment that you must remember that you are so lucky and privileged to be looking after children that cannot be looked after by their birth family. As for lack of interest from birth parents that info is confidential and you don't know how birth parents and their family feel. I think it must be really difficult not to become attatched but you must remember that they are not your children and that you are being paid to do a job that YOU have chosen. I think it is awful just to make judgements that their families don't care. It is a devestating experience for families not able to see their children due to certain factors. You don't know how lucky you are to have special moments with them that can never be recaptured. I am aware also that some children are literally rescued from awful families, abuse etc but not all parents and families are this kind of situation. I just feel by reading some views that it is prejudged that families don't care and that these children are lucky to be with you when in fact you are so blessed to be with them. children that are so missed until they can be with their family.

Saturn74 Sat 29-Dec-07 22:41:45

The foster carers that I know do appreciate all those things, labyrinth. smile

Is there a particular thread that has upset you?

makingnosense Sun 30-Dec-07 11:54:09

From my experience as a foster carer and knowing a large number of carer's ,we have great empathy for families that can't look after their own children. We have 2 children we look after. We are known to them by our given names, not Mum or Dad, even though we have had them for a long time now. They have parents and are encouraged to talk about them and where appropriate and in the CHILD'S interest contact is actively encouraged.
We never try to take their parents place, but provide an environment where they have all the opportunities they might not have otherwise had.
Any foster carer worth their salt knows that there are a variety of circumstances why a child is put into care, and I have yet to meet a foster carer who has been judgemental about the parents. That isnt our role and it doesn't help to be like that. We are here for the children ultimately, and work for their best interests.

labyrinth Sun 30-Dec-07 18:50:13

It is very reassuring to read your thread makingnosense.

sg65 Mon 11-Jul-11 14:26:17

Hi I am new to mumsnet,

I have been asked to findout how I could best support foster parents as a foster carer support worker, I thought the best way to do this is to get the information from the "horses mouth" so's to speak. If there are any foster carers out there that are willing to share their experience of what would better support the fantastic job you already doing. I would be greatful for your feedback.

I am particulary intrested in finding out what support foster parents would like to see from their service providers.
What new ideas would work for carers?
what could we do for you?
Are there any changes you would like to see?
If so what would you change?
what do people think of offering self development courses to do with child development and the changing times and so on.

As I am new to this I would also be intrested in finding out what is already available to foster carers locally? is there a lot of support or not enough.

thank you for taking the time to comment

kind regards

hester Mon 11-Jul-11 14:47:48

Is there any particular reason for you posting that, labyrinth? It sounds as though there is.

p99gmb Sun 24-Jul-11 20:51:23

sg65 - I think you'll get a better response by posting on the 'fostering' side on Mumsnet.. I think thats where us foster carers hang out... grin

fishtankneedscleaning Wed 27-Jul-11 21:48:01

Hi Labrinth. Is there anything in particular you would like to discuss? Maybe you could look at the fostering thread - where most foster carers are likely to read your views and are able to respond?

From our post it would appear you may have experienced a traumatic time. Maybe there are foster carers can put your mind at rest?

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