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bringingupaboy Sun 21-Jun-20 19:38:42

Just wanting to say Hi! I'm an adoptive Mummy to a 2 year old little boy. We live in the East Midlands. I only know one other adoptive Mum and although we've coped well (I reckon!) not being able to go to groups we liked/see family I am very aware I've not really had chance to make many Mum friends and thought it would be great to make contact with some other adoptive Mum's. Hi and how are people?! Any other recent adopters with kids a similar age? <3

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Ted27 Sun 21-Jun-20 20:47:51

@bringingupaboy just saying hello, my son is much older at 16 and we have been a family for over 8 years now

Weekends Sun 21-Jun-20 20:51:08

Hi Newbie!

I'm a Mum to a little girl, older than your LO. Still feeling the lockdown pain though! I'm also not a recent adopter, but welcome!

I don't know many other parents who have adopted IRL either, but the few I do are really valued as they "get it'.

Good luck!

121Sarah121 Sun 21-Jun-20 21:07:33

I have two children a birth child and adopted child. We’ve been a family of 3 for almost 2 years. I don’t have many friends with adopted children in real life and although my friends with birth children try to be sympathetic they sometimes just don’t get it. I’ve come here for support and everyone is so lovely it has been a great support.

bringingupaboy Sun 21-Jun-20 21:18:52

@Ted27 and @Weekends Thank you both! Looking forward to getting to know other adopters more and hear more about their experiences smile <3

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user1479136681 Sun 21-Jun-20 21:19:05

Hello, we're also in the East Midlands!! PM me if you'd like to get in touch smile we had our 1-yr-old placed at the start of lockdown. Both off work as wife was furloughed and now made redundant (yikes). It's been a scary whirlwind but at least we're bonding well!!

bringingupaboy Sun 21-Jun-20 21:59:15

@121Sarah121 Thank you! Very excited to be here.

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bringingupaboy Sun 21-Jun-20 22:07:13

@user1479136681 Just did! Thank you so much smile <3

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veejayteekay Mon 22-Jun-20 05:54:46

Hi there! I have a 20m boy who came home at 13ms in November! Feels like forever and nothing at the same time! Nice to meet you! I have a couple adoption friends IRL and used to go to an adoption playgroup for a few sessions before covid struck. Feel your pain as just as this all hit was when we were starting to branch out into a few groups and see a bit more of the wider more extended family so feel he has missed out a little. An currently on adoption leave returning in November. This forum is amazing and supportive and has been my lifeline at several stages during the process so I'd really encourage you to reach out as you won't regret it xxx

bringingupaboy Mon 22-Jun-20 08:49:07

@veejayteekay I will ask our SWs if there is anything like that locally - I'd only found the general stay and play groups before! I think it's been positive in terms of bonding time for us as a family but definitely wish we could have spent more time with wider family.

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Italiangreyhound Tue 23-Jun-20 23:53:17

Hi bringingupaboy I"ve got a teenage birth child and an adopted son of 9 who has been with us 6 years.

Hope you are manafing ok in lockdown.


bringingupaboy Wed 24-Jun-20 07:43:48

@Italiangreyhound Thank you! Lockdown has definitely been an odd one for us timing wise. Still being very cautious but glad we can visit family again now.

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Italiangreyhound Wed 24-Jun-20 21:08:21


Italiangreyhound Wed 24-Jun-20 21:08:58

Good. flowers

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