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New nhs number

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Finchbon Wed 29-Apr-20 16:42:29

Just wondering what your experiences have been regarding the new records being set up and if you had to use the NHS during the updating what happened?
A health visitor contacted me about 2 months ago to ask why my child wasn't registered with a doctors. I thought it was probably due to the new number being created and by the sounds of it must have flagged somewhere that the old details were not registered any longer and we were in some sort of limbo.
2 months on and I'm still being contacted for updates. I know nothing. I'm told the old number is definitely "closed" and states on the record it's not to be added to, yet no one seems to have created a new record and number. The health visitor has checked under the birthdate and definitely no new record on the NHS system.
Have I missed a step, is there something I should have done?

Appreciate this is a ridiculous time for me to want to contact the nhs about updating records but now I'm left wondering what would happen if we needed to access a GP.

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Stinkyjellycat Wed 29-Apr-20 17:08:00

Mine was updated without my knowing about it so when I contacted the doctor to make an appointment they could find my DC when in fact the record was under a different name. There was also some delay and it meant that we kept being called in for a new patient appointments, and vaccinations which had already taken place because they weren’t linking the new record with the old one. It was sorted out once I alerted them to this. Apparently they have had very few adopted children so weren’t used to this happening.

CarelessSquid07A Wed 29-Apr-20 18:52:24

Hiya DH works for Nhs admin and suggests this is usually automatic from the court order and suggests contacting your social worker to check a new record was requested as they obviously sent the request to close but not one to set a new one up. Or a Gp surgery might be able to chase the request if it's stuck in the system somewhere.

Weekends Wed 29-Apr-20 20:56:02

Ours for very muddled.
When my LO was placed with me but before adoption order we needed to use the hospital. She was registered under old name and and old NHS number, but my address. We've since used the hospital again and they have somehow got new everything (name, number), but have an old birth family address linked with the records. It was really stressful having to explain all this quietly, with a poorly LO listening to your every word, having that worry on top of everything else. They understood and sorted it there and then, but it wasn't a happy time!

Apart from that (!) it was all fine, and happened automatically. I got a letter in the post.

Good luck.

sunshineandskyscrapers Thu 30-Apr-20 21:50:28

The only automatic part for us was that DS was automatically deregistered from the GP. I didn't realise until he actually needed to see a doctor that he was no longer registered. It was really frustrating as he was quite poorly but it added a delay to him being seen. I had to fill in new forms at the doctor as if he were a new patient which is what got him back on. I don't know if that's how he got the new NHS number or if he'd got a new one but neither I nor the GP had been informed, but it was only after this visit to the doctor that I got the letter with his new NHS number. I've seen threads about this before and it does seem to vary a lot.

Purple1314 Thu 30-Apr-20 23:37:00

Hi, ours was done automatically without us being notified. I only found out as I'd booked immunisations and arrived to find the appointment cancelled. As it happened we were moving house just after which complicated it further. What you have to do is re-register with the GP and when you do that you will get a letter thanking you for registering them with their new NHS number. Your surgery should have copied all the vital information to go to a central file which then goes to the new record. Ours was more complex due to the moving house but we've got there in the end. The only added complication is that the change doesn't seem to make it through to hospital records so we are in the neverending process of trying to explain the above to get a review with the paediatrician.

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