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Christmas advert Ancestry

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Italiangreyhound Sat 16-Nov-19 22:13:57

@Thanksgiving2019 I'm mum to an adopted son and birth dd and I totally get what you mean. I felt uncomfortable watching that advert.

@MzPumpkinPie so sorry to hear that

Thanksgiving2019 Sat 16-Nov-19 07:48:37

So sorry to read that Pumpkin it must have been incredibly stressful and upsetting.

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MzPumpkinPie Sat 16-Nov-19 03:47:14

I'm adopted and I'd never do one of these tests.
I've had my world turned upside down by unhinged and entitled birth "relatives " tracing me through social media and causing so much upset.
It wasn't wanted, never would of been and it upset me greatly .
Also really made me fear for the safety of my kids.
Ended up shutting all of my SM , except FB which I put on lockdown.
My family are the people who loved and cared for me.
I don't feel the need to make an abusive birth family feel better about choices they made or even siblings I don't know.
The whole situation has left me shaken 5 years on!

ifchocolatewerecelery Fri 15-Nov-19 22:42:18


The thing is that sites like ancestry with their DNA tests have caused chaos in the lives of adopted and birth families. People have inadvertently found genetic relatives through partial matches and pursued it without thought for the potential impact on all those involved.

ChocolateGateaux84 Fri 15-Nov-19 19:37:07

I totally agree with u and can't stand this dna bandwagon. Sounds like something for people with far too much time of their hands
Hopefully it's just a passing phase.

Plus I'm pretty sure I've heard some of these companies have been known to share data with police. So I'd always advise someone to stear well clear and take up another hobbie

StylishMummy Fri 15-Nov-19 18:48:33

Sorry but I think you're being over sensitive.

'Family' can mean anything, blood, adopted, fostered etc

Thanksgiving2019 Fri 15-Nov-19 18:46:32

* could not cold

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Thanksgiving2019 Fri 15-Nov-19 18:46:01

Am watching television and the Christmas advert for has been on several times in the last 2 hours.

The strapline is «give the gift of family this Christmas» and they are advertising dna tests.

And it bothers me as an adopted person and if I had an adopted child would change Channel of it came on.

Giving a message that family is a gift only if you share DNA does not sit well with me.
They cold have used a different phrase - a more sensitive one and still sold thousands of kits.

Maybe I am just being over sensitive,

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