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Adoption Enquiry Q’s to Ask

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ILoveEvie Sat 26-Oct-19 10:24:42

Morning all... happy Saturday!

We’re meeting with a ‘champion’ from Home for Good this afternoon... they’re actually a we know vaguely through church connections but aren’t friends with..
we’ve been connected with them by Home for Good in order to be able to ask questions about adoption and the whole process.. they adopted a baby themselves 10 or so years ago..

Any suggestions on good questions to ask beyond the obvious?!
We’re considering a sibling group of 2, ages between 3-4 but not for another 18-24 months.


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Ted27 Sat 26-Oct-19 14:26:29

I'm probably being dense but I'm not clear what Home for Good does, they are not an adoption agency are they ?

Its difficult to advise what questions to ask, we will all have our own ideas on what's 'obvious'. Whilst there is a standard process, all agencies will do things slightly differently so personally I would want to be asking an adoption agency about the process.

So my obvious question to Home for Good is what do you actually do ?

I appreciate if you are a practicing Christian its nice to be part of a supportive community. But if its post adoption support they are offering, what qualifications/training do staff have?

Sorry thats not terribly helpful is it?

If the people you are meeting are just trying to encourage others to adopt I'd probably focus on trying to get an accurate warts and all picture of adoption. What challenges have they faced, if they

in your area what are their views on the local schools, services etc.

ILoveEvie Sat 26-Oct-19 14:37:18

Thanks Ted27 that actually is helpful..
Home for Good is a Christian organisation and I believe their purpose is to offer support throughout the adoption process and beyond in addition to whatever support there may be from the LA/VA. I think they used to be an agency but now just partner with VAs.
One of my questions is def what they do and what involvement they could have..

I think your suggestion of how that support is offered and how well qualified their staff are is an excellent point.

Also I hadn’t thought about asking about schools etc but that’s another good point, especially as we’d be hoping to adopt children who would potentially go into school shortly after the process completes.

Of course being able to get a warts and all account will be invaluable!

Thanks again! 👍🏻

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