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Stinkycatbreath Tue 08-Oct-19 22:25:39

Hi everyone
My sons has now been with us since there months and is now three years old so is start6to ask questions about babies as some of my friends are pregnant or have recently had a baby. He keep asking me when I'm going to have onehmm. We have talked soooooo many times about his birth mum and siblings but he doesn't relate to anything and his life story book is a bit complex for this stage so hit me with your book recommendations plurleeeease.

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ifchocolatewerecelery Tue 08-Oct-19 22:38:29

Have a look at Todd Parr's books. We have We belong Together which is a simple version of what happens during the adoption process starting with 'we belong together because you needed a home and I had one to share now we are a family'. He also has a book about different types of family. We also have a mother for choco and nutmeg gets adopted. Once you put them into Amazon it comes up with other possible options.

It sounds as though you're not intending to have another child so you also need to explain this to him.

Be careful about making sure you understand exactly what he's asking though. We have a story in my family about the time my mum explained the facts of life to my then 5 year old brother. He paused at the end, looked puzzled and say James (his friend) comes from Milton Keynes.

Ted27 Tue 08-Oct-19 22:43:03

Todd Parr We Belong Together -a Book About Adoption and Families
is a lovely book,
He has several other books which look at different types of families

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