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Cherry321 Tue 13-Aug-19 22:29:35

Lovely story. Thankyou for sharing.

Mumtolittlesausage Sun 11-Aug-19 21:37:38

I've read plenty of posts on here with people asking questions about various issues and processes and I feel my story may help others so thought I would post.
Mr and I chose adoption as our route to a family after cancer had left me unable to have children. We started the process wanting siblings but as we went though we decided to go for a single child with the plan to adopt a second time a few years later. We had our mind set on as young as possible so discussed EPP/foster to adopt with our social worker. The thought that the child could be returned to birth family was a terrifying one but we knew that should that happen we would have given that child the best start they could have had. We were matched with a 3 month old and he moved in very quickly (no intros with EPP). What we thought would be a quick turn around ended up being a long and bumpy road that took nearly a year for the courts to agree to the plan for adoption due to birth family putting forward every tom dick and Harry they could scrape together as potential carers which of course all had to be investigated for suitability. Once it was agreed that little sausage was to be adopted it was all very quick. We still had to go to matching panel which we found a bit odd seeing as he had been with us for nearly a year. Our Social worker told us one of us would have to go in and the other stay out with sausage. When we arrived they wanted all 3 of us in which I think shocked SW but it was a unanimous yes to the match.
If little sausage had been in foster care building attachments with his carers in that time I can see how hard it would be for him then to be moved to the adopters. I can honestly say this way he has been settled and home for 99% of his life and I really recommend it as a route. He's nearly 3 now and a typical toddler ruling the roost. After a bit of house renovation/remodel we are going to do this year we will be going back to Social Services to look into a 2nd child.

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