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Runner31 Fri 26-Jul-19 07:54:16

I'm doing my usual over thinking but starting to stress about a vet form that is needing to be filled out about our dogs.
Let me first stress I have no concerns with my dogs and children. They've both around family children, we have the home set up so the dogs, have a quiet space for them, I've studied animal behaviour and had therapy dogs and have seen a lot of challenging and distressing behaviour from children at work so have an idea of what the dogs will be a part of.
But.....our German shepherd has had physical health problems from the age of 1yr (she's now nearly 7). Our social worker has met the dogs and has no concerns but our vet is being sent a form for them togather info on them. This is a new standard procedure. I'm terrified there will be concerns raised because of her physical health. She has never, not once, shown any aggression to us or visiting children even when she's not been well.
Does anyone have any experience of vet forms that could maybe put my mind at rest and stop me over thinking things?

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Evidencebased Fri 26-Jul-19 13:57:27

No experience, but , if you've studied animal behaviour, have experience with troubled children, and your SW has no concerns, I think you may be worrying about nothing.
That sounds very good.
Hope it works out.

ifchocolatewerecelery Fri 26-Jul-19 22:42:17

You don't specify what the health issues are so they might or might not come up in panel in terms of the impact on any child placed. We had one of the strictest panels there is when it comes to dogs because of the potential of accidental injuries as well as aggression. You just need to show you've thought it through in terms of keeping them separate, supervision and dealing with bodily waste. Also the only answer to the question would you give up your dog if it wasn't working due to the child or dog's behaviour is yes.

Runner31 Sat 27-Jul-19 09:16:06

Thanks, she has hip dysplasia and muscle and joint problems throughout her neck and back. To look at her you wouldn't know it but she's got a fab vet and has really good pain management and we manage her day to day activities to suit her abilities. She rarely gets walked and doesn't get walked at all when my nephew (6) is visiting as she's more than happy to hang with him.
We've tried to put everything in terms of supervision and separate spaces in to place now so the dogs are used to the new status quo and have used my nephew to see if it practically works in the house. We've even kept one half of our garden (It's quite big) dog free so that there is a waste free, dog free play space where we don't have to continually monitor dogs and children.
I probably just needed a bit of hand holding. I've read previous posts on here about pets but now we're at the point where we're being assessed I'm terrified something will go wrong.

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