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Changing adoption agencies

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Tan2019 Thu 10-Jan-19 07:02:58

Hi I just wondered if anyone has considered switching agencies or did switch during stage 2. Im having issues with mine and tbh I have no faith left in them.
Does anyone know about the rules re switching apart from starting from scratch again. Can you hide the fact that you started the process with another agency?

Any help would be appreciated?

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Thomassmuggit Thu 10-Jan-19 09:28:39

No, you can't hide the fact.

You would likely need to start from scratch, maybe with a gap to explore what went wrong from your side. Speak to your current agency's, and the one you plan to switch to.

Tan2019 Thu 10-Jan-19 11:14:21

Thanks for your reply.

It is the current voluntary agency's general approach and their lack of understanding and focusing too heavily on religion and culture and making issues when they arent.

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Ted27 Thu 10-Jan-19 12:29:46

Yes I switched agencies from LA to VA, but under the old system. I had to start again.

No you can't hide your time with a previous agency. The new one will want to talk to the old one.
You would need to be very honest with any new agency about the reasons for moving to ensure you don't run into the same difficulties.

All agencies take a very dim view of prospective adopters attempting to hide things , it comes out in the end.
I have read your other post and whilst not sure I completely understand the cultural and religious significance, I'm take a guess that maybe the SW thinks that you feel like its a dealbreaker and you, or your wider family, wouldnt totally accept a child as 'yours' unless you were able to do this.
I'm not saying thats what I think, but its maybe where the SW is coming from and you may encounter its at another agency.

Thepinklady77 Fri 11-Jan-19 07:53:50

I agree with Ted that if the main reason to switch is to do with the issue in your other post then I think you will come across this as an issue in most agencies. However, we were with a VA and did find them very in-depth and crossed every t and dotted every i. This was I believe because they are recruiting adopters for local authorities to use. They need to know they are going to be able to get LA’s to buy into you so they try to second guess every potential issue. An LA may for example accept something’s easier if they know they have a pool of children needing placed for which the prospective adopters would match well with but they may not. You will need to be very honest from the outset.

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