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Booked ourselves on to an open evening ...

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Lairyfights Thu 25-Oct-18 23:55:44

A couple of years ago my husband and I came to the decision adoption was the right path for us and we’d know when it was right to get the ball rolling ... well we’ve decided that the time is now! We are booked on to an open evening in January!

I posted a while back about being worried about the ‘kerb appeal’ of our house and if it would hold us back. I still have moments of ‘omg we absolutely can’t do this because insert ridiculous reasons here,’ but, after doing lots of reading, this seems to be quite normal!

I can’t believe our journey is so close to starting! If you have any positive stories about your wonderful children, please share them with me! There are many, many scary stories on line and I just want a little place where I don’t have to worry about attachment disorders and adoptions taking 3 years to finalise (even if it’s jusy for a few minutes!)

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Italiangreyhound Fri 26-Oct-18 01:07:15

I'm not really sure what ‘kerb appeal’ is but good luck.

I've got two kids, an adopted son and a birth dd. I love them both equally and honestly could not imagine my life without either of them.

They are amazing.

thomassmuggit Fri 26-Oct-18 07:36:14

Well, I'd say you always have to worry about attachment!

Ours took less than a year from placement to go through. It's not a quick process, though.

PushHop Fri 26-Oct-18 09:18:54

Everyone's experiences are different and of course there is always a risk of things being difficult.

That said, we have had a spectacularly easy time of it so far. DS was placed ten months ago, at 13mo. First few weeks were very difficult but we got through it and it has been delightful ever since! AO went through at first hearing four months into placement, it was a 10 minute hearing. We met birth mum a few weeks after placement and got on well. Our first letterbox exchanges have gone well and we have both shared photos (which means we now have all BM and FC photos - He was removed at birth - so there are no "gaps").

My DS is doing so bloody well. I am in awe of him and am definitely a little bit obsessed! He is funny and clever and makes every day so, so much better. He is loved by everyone around him.

topcat2014 Fri 26-Oct-18 17:33:57

I really wouldn't worry about what your house looks like from the outside.

Have you got enough space inside - that would be more of a thing.

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