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AO app: Court refusing birth certificate

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user8905 Mon 15-Oct-18 14:41:18

I posted in an adoption order application to the Milton Keynes family court. I supplied the original "certified copy of an entry" birth certificate supplied by the child's local authority. This is an A4 sheet on watermarked paper.

The family court are saying this is not acceptable and they need the "Green originals".

The local authority is saying this is impossible as the birth family won't give them up and that they always supply the certified copy of an entry with adoptions as it's virtually impossible to get the originals from the birth family. They say the certified copy is all they can supply.

Has anyone had this issue with an adoption application and how did you get around it?

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suitechild Mon 15-Oct-18 15:25:18

Any one can apply for a birth certificate. They are public record. Can you not just apply for a copy?

suitechild Mon 15-Oct-18 15:26:45

Copy of the original that is

ElizabethDarcy88 Mon 15-Oct-18 17:23:30

Our childrens social worker ordered several copies as soon as they were matched with us ready for us to put adoption order when we were ready.

user8905 Mon 15-Oct-18 19:31:58

Elizabeth - yes, same here .. just that the court are saying the want the original green one. The birth family are not supporting adoption so there is no way they will provide it. The social workers can't understand why the court is demanding it - hasn't happened in the past. I think it may just be the court worker being confused.

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