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Adopting with birth DC

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CocoLoco87 Sat 11-Aug-18 23:35:22

Evening all,

I'd be really grateful for some advice on the following:
DH and I have always wanted to adopt. We've had 2 BC and they are nearly 4 & nearly 2. We've been to a couple of adoption open evenings organised by our local council and were under the impression that we had to wait till DC2 was 3 years old till we could apply. Is this true all round or are there other agencies or avenues we can go through? We had hoped to start the process sooner, and reading some of the threads on here, it sounds like you don't have to wait till BC are 3 years old. Is it possible to go through another areas LA?
We are South East if that makes a difference.

Cassie9 Sun 12-Aug-18 06:23:51

Yes that policy varies depending on agency and the children they have waiting. I was allowed to start the process when my birth son was 18 months old. He was almost three by the time we had a child placed. You could get in touch with different local authorities or voluntary agencies and ask them. Agencies may also have limit on the distance you can be from them so I'd start with neighbouring local authorities.

CocoLoco87 Sun 12-Aug-18 15:36:23

Thanks @Cassie9 I'll start pursuing other avenues!

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