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How to speed up time

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DashOfMagic Thu 19-Jul-18 22:57:23

Hello all,

We are excited about and feeling very invested in a lovely and gorgeous sibling pair. Their social worker has said she likes the sound of us and will be in touch deciding whether to THREE weeks when she’s back off leave !!!!! sad

It’s been a week so far.

Time is crawling.

Anyone have any experience with successful manipulation of time??

Or failing that, just some things to cheer me up and ideas to make the next two weeks go faster?! grin

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insmithereens Thu 19-Jul-18 23:51:42

Hey Dash! Sorry no time speeding up suggestions but...

I remember being in your exact position - we expressed an interest in two siblings in Nov last year & their SW "liked" us in the December. Everything took way longer than anticipated - and time was going at that double slow pace then so felt even longer - but we were hypothetically matched in late Dec, then because of Xmas etc we were provisionally matched in the Jan & formally matched in early March & they finally came home later that month!

Here we are four months in to our happily matched family but my advice to you now would be make the most of the slowed-down-time whilst you have it* because once it's gone it's gone. You're on the cusp of something amazing (and unrelentingly hard) so stay up late, make impromptu plans & do random exciting trips/things/whatever-just-go-to-the-pub-while-you-can because time will suddenly speed up & become a premium you can't afford & simply just don't have anymore!

Keep us posted with your progress please! We adopted a sibling pair & I'd love to be in touch with someone in the same situation.

Good luck with your match!!

Dontbuymesocks Fri 20-Jul-18 07:48:23

Good advice there! DH and I were only saying last night that we should have made the most of our final months before DS arrived (11 months ago)and done things we can’t do now.....go to the cinema, go sailing, Go Ape, lie in bed beyond 7am etc. Life is the best it’s ever been now, but do make the most of your ‘freedom’ while you have it.
Good luck!

DashOfMagic Sat 21-Jul-18 11:55:34

Thank you both for your lovely replies. I best get down the pub!! No you’re right we have pencilled in some nice things to do in between now and then to keep us going and to make the most of our time.

We’re in a tricky position as another social worker who expressed an interest in us is now chasing (they are like buses I guess) but we can’t think of anything and want to wait for these two. Will ask our social worker for advice on Monday.

And yes I will definitely keep you posted on how it’s going, I find it so valuable to have others who have been through this and know what we’re talking about.

Congratulations on your new families smile

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