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First home visit

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excitedmuchly Tue 12-Jun-18 15:59:44

Hi. Soooo my first home visit was today... so far so good! Really positive experience and am now thrilled to be approved to apply lol
ROI form was emailed to me by lunchtime and has been completed and returned already (not that I'm keen... nooo!!)
My question to you wise lot is.... she asked (of course) all about my ex husband and why we split etc and was very keen to dig down deep into details. She then said she needed to see divorces papers....I have no idea where they are sad At what stage did you have to produce such paperwork.... how long to I have to find them! !!! And if I can't find them.... help! Where do I go for new ones?

GiddyGardner Tue 12-Jun-18 21:36:37

I'm not sure where you may get copies from, registry office presumably? My husband had to produce his in stage one (so very soon for you). My husband lost his, but we figured out where they might be because we realised he had to show them when we registered to get married, so we narrowed it down. I don't know if you have married again? If not, where might you have shoved them for safe keeping? Did you have to provide them to mortgage people, employers, pension people? Have you got a draw where you put useful paperwork (that usually sits there forever) Just trying to jog your memory...

excitedmuchly Wed 13-Jun-18 12:08:56

Thanks Giddy... good idea about if they are with the mortgage papers...!!

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