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10 month old girl - what to I need

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Finchbon Sat 28-Apr-18 20:29:50

Hi all.
New to the site and I wish I’d found you all earlier!
I’m about to go to matching panel as a single mum with a georgeous 10 month old girl. I have no birth children.
So as you can imagine I’m now suddenly panicking it’s all become a bit real.
I’m trying to get ahead and set up all my wish lists of everything I need to buy in order to have the house as near as possible organised.
Any advice of what to add to my list is much much much appreciated. I’m sure I’m going to forget something basic like the cot 😂😭

UnderTheNameOfSanders Sat 28-Apr-18 20:37:12

No advice really as our 2 were older.
But congratulations! flowers

BertieBotts Sat 28-Apr-18 21:10:15

You'll be great!

IMO you need
- Safe place for her to sleep e.g. cot. I'd probably get one which turns into a toddler bed.
- Bedding - a baby sleeping bag is safer than duvets or blankets, and she isn't big enough for a pillow yet. Cot bumpers aren't recommended any more. Enough sheets you can change them if she's sick or nappy leaks. Mattress protector is a good idea too (also for your bed - just in case!)
- Blackout blind if you'd like to make the room nice and dark for her to sleep.
- Nightlight can be comforting. White noise machine/lullaby machine can be nice too.
- Baby monitor if she's not going to be in with you all the time.
- Pushchair - parent facing option is nice. Raincover. Get one which reclines so she can nap in it, but it doesn't need to be 100% flat. A toy or two which clips on is nice. A blanket or two for the car seat, pushchair and general use will be useful and comforting.
- Baby carrier - not necessary but great for attachment. At this age you'll need something with better support than the basic carriers. I really like the Boba 4G. Google "best toddler SSCs".
- Car seat - you'll likely need Group 1 however I would strongly recommend rear facing, as it's much safer. John Lewis seem to be the most clued up high street store, so go and ask there.
- Clothes! Maybe ask what size clothing she's in. I'd estimate how much washing you want to do and allow for 1 top per day, trousers/tights and jumpers can sometimes go a couple of days without a wash. Think simple as babies don't like getting changed so easy to put on/off is key.
- Bath seat and a few bath toys. Baby friendly soap. Maybe one of those shampoo guard things.
- Small towels. I think the poncho style ones are great for this age.
- Nappies and baby wipes. Changing area/mat/table.
- High chair or booster seat for table, unbreakable plates and bowls, baby cutlery, bibs - get some of the popover ones and some of the ones with sleeves. Don't bother with the tiny ones which velcro or tie - they're for milk feeding.
- Flannel for face/hand wiping.
- Bottles, formula, cleaning stuff. Sippy cup for water or juice (best stick to water unless she's already used to juice). Dummies if she uses them.
- Toys - anything in shops usually has a suggested age. Look around to get an idea and then you'll know what to look for second hand as well. As a minimum, a set of stacking cups, something she can stand up and play with, anything with buttons which makes noise (!), some kind of soft ball, and something with mirrors and textures.
- Books - anything you'd like to read, board books, those ones with feely texture bits are good too.
- Summer stuff - if you have a garden, a paddling pool, then you'll want UV protective swim stuff and swimming nappies (or a reusable one). For anywhere, a sun hat or two, maybe sun cream? You might want to check if it's recommended now.

I think that's about all! smile

UnderTheNameofSanders Sat 28-Apr-18 21:30:20

Fantastic list!

Are you likely to have people giving presents or passing on stuff?

Ask FC what clothes she will come with as she may or may not need any more in current size. FC can also advise on toys or at least developmental age.

Cot beds and pushchairs and other equipment can be bought pre-owned (but get a new mattress). Don't feel bad about saving money for other things. Children only get more expensive!

We were gifted a nappy bin. Some people hate them but I found it really useful.

Atticusss Sat 28-Apr-18 21:40:14

Berties list is fantastic, except bath seats were useless for 2 out of 3 of mine. One was too fat, the other climbed out of it within a week. Poncho baby towels I always found too small by 10 months too.

I'd also add: baby changing mat for floor. Too old for a table, dangerous once rolling.
I'd recommend a sling as essential for encouraging bonding and attatchment. Try Facebook sling groups and local sling library for advice there.
Baby gates
Cupboard locks fridge lock
a decent camera because you'll be taking thousands!

Maiyakat Sat 28-Apr-18 22:00:51

Your post takes me back, 5 years since I was in the exact same position, I'm now planning a party in a trampoline park!

I had a sling but DD wouldn't take to it. Parent facing buggy essential, I got mine in really good condition off ebay. The ikea highchair is brilliant and cheap. Blackout blind great to reduce the 4am wake ups! If she has dummies make sure you find out what kind she likes, DD would only have the old fashioned cherry teat dummies.

Congratulations, it's such a lovely age

NutCase82 Sat 28-Apr-18 22:22:57

That first reply is a really good list, my daughter is (a big) 7 month old and in 4/4+ nappies and guess this LG will be too or 5's but the foster cared will let you know. When you go for your visits with her fosterers they will let you know what she likes in terms of toys, books, games so they will really help you out there.

We all get 'the panic' even after having a biological child so don't worry it's so easy with shops being so accessible these days.

I'd recommend using the app 'wonder weeks' (using the child's due date if you can find that out) as it tells you when to expect developmental changes (these are the times your child's appears to be broken 😂) and just makes life make a bit more sense. I'd also recommend app 'SleepySounds' that plays various white noises to help calm and sends off to sleep sometimes. I use an iPad in the car as distraction as well as a mirror for my LG to look at herself and toys that attach to the belts so there can't be launched 😂.

You will have super fun, enjoy!!

hidinginthenightgarden Sun 29-Apr-18 10:22:00

Check with the foster care what nappies and bottles they use. Our DD wouldn't take certain bottles so to avoid a potential drama we just bought the brand she was used to.

BertieBotts Sun 29-Apr-18 11:29:47

Huh? I defo used poncho towels until about 5 years old! I mean the kind which are like a big dressing gown they can snuggle up in smile Not the little baby ones with a hood at one corner. Boots usually carry them when they get their summer swimming stuff in.

Good point about the childproofing stuff. I'd forgotten that phase started so early (or even if not yet, very soon).

Defo agree consistency in bottle/cup/nappy brand is a good idea.

BertieBotts Sun 29-Apr-18 11:35:08

This is what I mean re poncho towels. They are designed for beach but I found them fantastic for at home as well.

lookatthemoon Sun 29-Apr-18 14:28:17

How exciting Finch!!

I second the suggestion for the ikea high chair. We had a few and this was the best as so easy to clean and not at all fiddly.

At that age I also had a baby exercises app - gave some great ideas for floorplay with a baby who is active but not walking. Helps to learn how to play with baby and might be good for bonding smile

Also get some baby friendly books - that way you can sit baby on your lap for ages.

bostonkremekrazy Sun 29-Apr-18 15:25:44

Check with FC what she'll be coming with and buy accordingly. Our last baby came with most things including mattress for the cot - we only needed a carseat, pram and highchair really. We bought a sling too and a coming home outfit....but fc had bought a new wardrobe to move on with.
Some fc buy loads, others the bare minimum, until you ask you wont know what you need.
Try to stick to same brand of nappies, soap, washing powder etc at first too
Very exciting times! ☺

MissMonster Wed 02-May-18 20:48:51

My 12 month old is still in size 4 nappies and she is above average, so I'd say size 4 should be fine.
Get a changing mat rather than a table because at 10 months babies are quite mobile (usually crawling and maybe even walking!).
Agree with IKEA antilop highchair. Cheap, comfy, easy to clean.
Good luck!

ToesInWater Thu 03-May-18 11:41:09

How exciting for you 😊

Finchbon Sat 05-May-18 20:48:45

Thank you all so much for your advice. So sorry it’s taken so long to come back to you. I have no idea how this site works and I didn’t realise anyone had responded!
All your items have been added to my amazon and mother care wish lists that I’ll be sending out as soon as I get the official yes (fingers crossed 🤞)
The tips about the garden are great. I’d not considered outside at all and of course I’m hopefully getting her in the height of summer.
You are not the first people to mention the ikea high chair to me so I’ll defiinately be paying a trip.
Hopefully get to meet the foster parent next week so you’ve all given me some great questions to armed with.
Thanks guys x

swizzlestix Thu 28-Jun-18 05:51:59

How are things going Finchbon?

Finchbon Wed 04-Jul-18 07:59:14

Ahhh. Sorry. I don't see a reply. So a bit of a delay getting the admin organised but I'm at matching panel today!! Currently freaking out.
Fingers, toes and everything in between crossed

DeegeeDee Wed 04-Jul-18 08:09:53

Good luck @Finchbon! Would like to hear how you get on if you're able to. Been matched and waiting for dates. This forum has been my lifeline with helpful comments and tips.

swizzlestix Wed 04-Jul-18 12:57:20

Ooh hope all goes really well smile

Jellycatspyjamas Wed 04-Jul-18 13:08:34

Good luck grin

Finchbon Wed 04-Jul-18 17:30:26

Thank you all for the well wishes. I'm approvedgringrin
Introductions starting 2 weeks today which means she will be 11 months old when the move in completes. So giddy

DeegeeDee Wed 04-Jul-18 19:35:47

Excellent news, wishing you all well!

swizzlestix Fri 06-Jul-18 06:33:22

Fantastic news! Not long to wait how exciting smile

VI0LET Fri 06-Jul-18 13:44:09

How did it go ?

weeboysmummy Fri 06-Jul-18 14:45:43

How exciting! Congratulations. My little boy was 13 months when placed with us and it's been wonderful; hard work, but wonderful!

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