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Matching panel tomorrow

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insmithereens Mon 12-Mar-18 19:58:17

Not even sure why I'm posting except that I'm excited/nervous/freaked out that our matching panel is tomorrow! All being well intros start at the weekend. Hard to get our heads round the life change that's (hopefully) about to happen!! Been struggling to concentrate in work today & hold any kind of normal conversation. Hard to concentrate on getting through tomorrow when already panicking about the weekend & next week! Can't believe it (hopefully) happening!!!

Minnie881 Mon 12-Mar-18 20:13:23

Good luck for tomorrow ☺️ Then the fun truly starts!

hidinginthenightgarden Mon 12-Mar-18 21:21:24

Good luck!

jingscrivenshelpmaboab Mon 12-Mar-18 21:33:15

Lots of luck!

insmithereens Mon 12-Mar-18 22:00:40

Thank you!!

bobstersmum Mon 12-Mar-18 22:11:17

Ahhhh best of luck, enjoy, and let us know how it goes!

Cassie9 Tue 13-Mar-18 01:32:51

Good luck

howmanyusernames Tue 13-Mar-18 10:04:41

Good luck! We have matching panel on the 4th April, and already I can't think about anything else!!!

CharlieSays13 Tue 13-Mar-18 12:37:17

Hope to be in your position very shortly. Wishing you loads of luck!

darkriver198868 Tue 13-Mar-18 13:13:10

Good luck x

insmithereens Tue 13-Mar-18 14:21:17

We passed! Unanimously recommended!!

FoldedAndUnfoldedAndUnfolding Tue 13-Mar-18 14:31:32


jingscrivenshelpmaboab Tue 13-Mar-18 14:32:14

Great news - congratulations! You can begin to believe it's really going to happen now grin

widdlytinks Tue 13-Mar-18 14:37:42

Congratulations! Go have some winewhile you can smile

insmithereens Tue 13-Mar-18 15:49:44

Still definitely hasn't sunk in! Went out for celebratory lunch & champagne. Feels surreal - we have children!

thomassmuggit Tue 13-Mar-18 22:46:38


Shannonlynn Wed 14-Mar-18 08:00:11

Congratulations !!!! 🎊💗😍🙏🏼🥂💕

CharlieSays13 Wed 14-Mar-18 08:29:39

Great news! Congratulations 🌹

skysparkle1 Wed 14-Mar-18 16:25:39

Aww congratulations!

We got unanimously matched on 1 Feb, met DS 8 Feb, he moved in 15 Feb and 4 weeks down the line, it's as if he has always been here.

Enjoy your last lie ins! smile x

insmithereens Wed 14-Mar-18 17:37:59

Aw skysparkle that's amazing to hear! We just had our ADM rushed through & intros start Saturday!! We met our DCs already a few months ago but super excited to see them again at the weekend as their new mummy & daddy!

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