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Hair pulling and bottles? This is driving me mad!

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hidinginthenightgarden Thu 22-Feb-18 21:19:46

I posted a week or so ago about Dd pulling her hair out. I have been watching closely and am pretty sure this a comfort thing. Since Xmas she has been waking up at 5 every day and has been super tired. Xmas is around the time the bald patch appeared. When tired she wants her bottle, when sucking on said bottle she pulls her hair out and wraps it around the bottle sucking it!

I am going to see a doctor next week anyway but I cannot stop thinking about it so would appreciate some advice please.
From what I can tell she needs more sleep and to get rid of those bottles.
Problem A, sleep. I cannot get her to sleep later than 5am. I have cut her nap to an hour but it has made no difference. She needs more sleep but won’t stay asleep at all! I put her to bed at 7ish, asleep by half past and up at around 4.45-5am. Grumpy all day, sleeps for an hour and grumpy again by 4/5am. All the health visitor can suggest is letting her cry but I don’t want to do this to her if I can avoid it plus I have an older Ds who will not be pleased at being woken by her screams.
Problem b is the bottle. She had always been dependant on it, falls asleep with it and finds comfort when upset, scared or tired. We have never wanted to take that from her and wanted to gently encourage her to give it up over the next few months but I can’t let her spend the next few months pulling out her beautiful long hair sad
Problem C hisbis all guess work and observation so I could be totally wrong. DH just says take her to doctors but she isn’t “sick” so I don’t think they can help.
For extra info she is almost 2.5 and has been home 18 months. Nothing stressful going on since Xmas and is generally a happy little girl. Thanks for any help ladies. I would like to have a strategy before I start pulling my own hair out.

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fasparent Fri 23-Feb-18 01:28:24

May be dd has some form of sensory problem's, Not uncommon we all have them, scratching on glass, some one grinding teeth, wool clothing'
.Children sensory issues can effect sleep, could be light , dark, noise, labels on clothing, smell of bedding , shadows, rough fabrics (can feel like sandpaper on the skin) Mobiles dangly things for some may seem soothing but for some children AAAAAA AAA!
All is hit and miss some times a little change works.
Pulling hair out will compensate as a comfort, Our DD used too twine it around her fingers pull then suck on it. was prescribed medication but had a ad versed effect was mountaineering climbing the wardrobes an jumping off.
just had too run the course in the end.

ivehadtonamechangeforthis Fri 23-Feb-18 05:40:06

My DD is 2.10 years old and goes to bed around 9-9.30pm after a struggle, she never wants to go to bed and is usually up around 5.30am every day! She only naps during the day if she's in the car. After months of trying to get her to bed earlier and get up later we've now accepted this is just her for the time being. I've spoken to four health visitors and all I'm repeatedly told is 'maybe she's one that doesn't need a lot of sleep'. She also gets up at least once during the night for milk.

On to milk....and bottles! She still has a baby bottle for milk! Again we've spoken to health visitors as we really want to stop using a baby bottle but it's a comfort thing. Her milk before bed and during the night has to be in a baby's bottle. I'm confident this will stop eventually so I've learnt to relax about it.

I can't offer any advice on the hair pulling - sorry, rather than a GP appointment have you spoken to a health visitor? It might be the best place to start.

hidinginthenightgarden Fri 23-Feb-18 07:13:37

She has only been pulling her hair for a couple of months. Is it likely for one to show up now without any previous symptoms? It just seems to be when tired.
Namechange, I don’t worry that she is on bottles still just that it is part of the hair pulling thing. If it is part of that then I may have to get rid of them before she is ready.

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