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Adopers or foster carers take on TV programme Kiri

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Italiangreyhound Mon 22-Jan-18 03:54:21

"I think maybe I'm over invested in this..." @Jellycatspyjamas I was so over invested in the other thread I was a prickly cactus with people!

But the only time I did actually shout at the TV was when Granddad TOLD the Police where his son was and then let him take a shower and was about to let him tuck into a dinner!

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thomassmuggit Sun 21-Jan-18 22:04:41

It appears they've written a very poor match. Ongoing contact, and identity/cultural factors are a good reason why she would have been better not placed for adoption, but in long term foster care.

They could have had a very similar drama, with similar dynamics.

I cannot see SWs supporting a match between a family who had no idea about supporting her cultural background and a black child.

thomassmuggit Sun 21-Jan-18 22:01:50

Yes, changing the contact then would be so so risky, as to be unthinkable.

As long as it's safe, and they thought this was, I can understand ongoing contact with the grandparents, especially as the match was so poor on supporting her ethnicity. But not a change from supervised to unsupervised so close to AO. If the plan was ongoing contact, then you'd think building good relationships between the prospective adopters and the birth GPs would have been a priority as well, so rather than SL taking Kiri, it should have been the mum.

Jellycatspyjamas Sun 21-Jan-18 21:54:56

@Italiangreyhound mostly I've been shouting "what the actual fuck". I don't understand the reasoning behind changing contact to unsupervised so close to AO, I get the cultural concerns but surely the adopters ability to support Kiri's cultural identity would have been explored during assessment and matching? I think maybe I'm over invested in this.,,

thomassmuggit Sun 21-Jan-18 19:35:01

I read the muggle thread, but felt too depressed by the posts to post. People are very judgey of the foster/prospective adopting family, especially the mum, labeling her as 'possessive', when I think it's normal for mums to be a bit 'possessive'- it's all a bit 'yeah, but she's not her REAL mum', like she's supposed to love her as a daughter, but not allowed to actually think she's her mum. In the first scene, she's feeling scared for her child going on her first unsupervised visit to the family she'd been removed from, and in all other scenes, her daughter has been murdered! I'd be a bit weird in either of those scenarios.

I have also had experience of SWs thinking they own my house, and going up to the child's room, but also experience of respectful ones, so I think that varies, and the way SL is portrayed, I can imagine her being the type to not respect the adopting family's space. She was very dismissive of them full stop, as are posters on the muggle thread.

The idea that if anything had happened to LO between placement and AO, I wouldn't have been NOK is abhorrent. A court hearing doesn't make you a mum, the Foster/adopting mum has been Kiri's mum for 4 years!

exercisejunkie Sun 21-Jan-18 19:15:28

My SW came for a visit the other day and was quick to say she had no alcohol in her bag 🤣

Nor did she have a dog in the car!!

She said her whole department were annoyed about it!

Italiangreyhound Sun 21-Jan-18 17:20:54

@Jellycatspyjamas I agree with you.

What have you been shouting?

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Jellycatspyjamas Sun 21-Jan-18 16:33:23

I hate the way they've portrayals Sarah Lancaster's character - the stereotypical hippy dippy SW, poorly dressed, a bit unconventional (her dog at work?), drinking on the job. I don't know anyone that works that way now, maybe in the 70's but SW is very different as a profession now. The issues and dilemmas are very real as is the pressure to always make the right decision - with the knowledge that the wrong decision could easily end in the death of a child but I feel their portrayal of her character undermines the work SW's do.

Im very interested in where they're taking the interracial aspect too. There's been lots of shouting at the tv in this house blush

Italiangreyhound Sat 20-Jan-18 20:46:32

I find the Sarah Lancaster character quote annoying. I didn't't warm to her but I felt very upset when she was punched.

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Ted27 Sat 20-Jan-18 20:28:37

yes I'm watching. Its a good piece of drama, I don't think dad did it - too obvious.

I'm interested where they will take the trans racial issues ( I'm white mum to dual heritage boy)

Some of the things the SW said on the doorstep rang true for me, but I don't think an SW would ever do that in real life. The bit where she was punched was shocking, but I could see that happening

Italiangreyhound Sat 20-Jan-18 18:57:00

Hi I am watching Wednesday nights drama Kiri on itv. Last week was episode 2 it's a bit disturbing

Spoiler alert

It is about a foster child who goes missing from a birth family visit and dies.

It's interesting and I'd like to get am adopers or foster carers take on the tv programme Kiri.

I'm on a thread in telly addicts but it's rather frustrating and I just wondered if other adopters were watching.

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