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6 months you guys, 6 months!

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ChoccyJules Tue 26-Dec-17 20:56:32

So after our rather epic 4 year plod towards placement, always kindly, generously and wonderfully supported by All Of You, I must report that AD has now been with us 6 months! bear
I know, I pinch myself every day grin
We're having an interesting Christmas but we're all still here and still laughing...sometimes wink
So I wanted to pop on and say thank you to anyone who has supported me this far, whether on here or via PM or private groups. I am both very grateful and full to the brim of useful knowledge (often sharing this with less experienced SWs...).
Happy New Year you amazing lot! winecakeflowers

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Italiangreyhound Tue 26-Dec-17 21:16:52

That is so fabulous.

fatberg Tue 26-Dec-17 21:44:05

Congrats and well done! Nice to hear. 🎄🍾🤪🤪🤪

B1rdonawire Tue 26-Dec-17 23:15:39

Happy new year Choccy! Well done on your first six months all together smile

FloWriter Tue 26-Dec-17 23:34:22

Awh this is such a lovely, heart warming post. Happy anniversary smile you've done an amazing thing xx

topcat2014 Wed 27-Dec-17 19:28:44

good news

Singadream Wed 27-Dec-17 23:51:13

Choccyjules were you on ttc threads in 2008/09/10? If so I often think about you but know you were frequent namechanger (always with Jules in it) and never managed to find how your story continued. (I am also a frequent namechanger)

exercisejunkie Thu 28-Dec-17 07:59:33

Congratulations!! I'm celebrating 6 WEEKS! And that feels like an achievement!!

Monkeybrains2017 Thu 28-Dec-17 21:44:17

6 months for us too! Congratulations!

fasparent Thu 28-Dec-17 22:53:12

Like a happy begging. Congratulation's too you all. XXX.

ChoccyJules Sat 30-Dec-17 18:22:25

No, I wasn't the Jules on those threads.
Thank you all...and also congrats to the (fabulously rhyming) Junkie and Monkey!

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Singadream Sat 30-Dec-17 23:35:02

Ah ok. Congratulations though anyway. X

ChoccyJules Sun 31-Dec-17 16:22:46


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