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Stage 1 home SW visit tomorrow

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topcat2014 Wed 06-Dec-17 20:21:01

Just wanted to share that we have our Stage 1 home visit by our SW tomorrow.

Not sure what to expect, trying not to get too flustered - it is to late to decorate the bedroom now!

MummyDoingHerBest Wed 06-Dec-17 21:19:07

It will be fine. Be yourselves. smile

topcat2014 Wed 06-Dec-17 21:57:46


Cherry321 Wed 06-Dec-17 22:17:05

We are in the early stages too. Be prepared for the sw to have a look around and even upstairs. We werent expecting that (gulp). There was also a lot of info to take in so maybe have a little notebook ready?

topcat2014 Thu 07-Dec-17 17:36:32

Ours went well. We didn't have too much time, so the house was just as you found it. We were expecting a bedroom inspection, as friends had that.

twinnywinny14 Sun 24-Dec-17 09:09:58

How’s did the meeting go OP? hope it went as well as you hoped? As bedroom inspections go, do they need to be ready or is it just to check for space? D

Allgrownup3 Sun 24-Dec-17 09:56:01

Hi @twinnywinny14. At this stage you don't need to have the bedroom ready at all. They just want to see whether you have enough room and whether the room is suitable for a child. I have been approved and have my matching panel In February I haven't even started ten bedroom yet and I'm still painting my house.

In the future if you do want to get started early just go for a neutral colour and wait until you know the age and sex of the child that you're being placed with and add colour. If they are old enough to choose let them give you ideas.

Good luck

topcat2014 Mon 25-Dec-17 11:56:42

We need to get our spare room re-plastered, new curtain poles etc - there is nothing on the window at present.

For some reason I am thinking of trains etc - must not get too carried away.

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