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Scottish adoption

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catlover1987 Mon 04-Dec-17 16:25:53

Hi everyone!

After asking for advice last week from those who chose adoption over IVF, I'm back again with more questions since you were all so lovely and helpful!

So has anyone adopted via the VA Scottish Adoption? We have our initial meeting at their offices next week after attending their information night during adoption week and I'm just wondering what they may ask us and what to expect. Struggling to find much info about them online apart from their own site.

Any experiences much appreciated! Thanks.x

AdoptiveDaddy Tue 05-Dec-17 15:41:33

Hi Catlover1987

I know SA well and you will be in good hands with them. The first meeting is just to go over your application that you sent in and to find out your motivation to adopt. It is also a time for you to get your questions answered too and to find out more about the process.

They are a very friendly bunch and hold lots of family events so may see you at one in the future smile

Best of luck.

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