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Confidentiality breach

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Nopenopenope Wed 08-Nov-17 07:21:31

Name changed for this.

I relinquished my birth child after realising that no matter what I did I couldn't keep them safe from the hands of their father (social services were no help nor were the police). This is a man who was violent to me for over 10 years and raped me repeatedly.

Shortly after my child's adoption I sought the support of a local (and indeed national) charity. Knowing they were bound by confidentiality and trusting them, I disclosed a fair amount of detail surrounding my child and their adoption - incl rough location of where he is, his parents names, his names and his dob etc.

One of the people the disclosures were made to I had cause to raise a complaint against - they breached my confidentiality twice. Now the complaint has been investigated and I have had to escalate it to a higher level.

The individual has been overheard having conversations about my birth child, whose father is still very local. I have explained multiple times the danger this could have to the organisation they volunteer for. The organisation just doesn't care.

I have absolutely no idea what to do. The individual IS risking my birth child's safety but I don't know where to turn?

What can I do? Who do i speak to?

He can't do this and get away with it surely.

B1rdonawire Wed 08-Nov-17 12:18:32

I'm so sorry for everything you've been through. Could you make a report to the local safeguarding children board? They are sometimes called MASH (multi-agency-safeguarding hub) and cover right across health and social care. If you search online hopefully you'll find the one local to you.

OurMiracle1106 Thu 09-Nov-17 05:59:47

I would be speaking to a solicitor . Breach of confidentiality is an offence. I would also speak to the adoption agency and let them know the situation so they can also take steps.

I’m sorry this is happening to you especially after everything you’ve been through and still go through to protect your child. I know as a birth parent it doesn’t stop hurting


Jellycatspyjamas Thu 09-Nov-17 06:57:44

A national charity will usually go to great lengths to protect their reputation. I'd write to their chief executive detailing your concerns and naming the volunteer, I'd also contact your adoption agency and the local authority adoption team because the breach represents a safety concern for your birth child and their family - and, I assume you too?

Nopenopenope Thu 09-Nov-17 09:23:37

Thanks for the advice all.

I have approaching a solicitor and the local safe guarding board in respect of the situation. I have also approached the agency that dealt with my child's adoption.

National organisations, charities or otherwise, in my experience like to wriggle out of situations. This is one they will not be wriggling out of.

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