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Step Parent Adoption

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Sovilla Tue 07-Nov-17 14:28:00

Hi, I’m new here and just wondered if anyone can answer my question without me having to spend lots on a solicitor.

I am planning to adopt my husbands 4 children who have had permanent residency with us for the last 7 years. Their biological mother has agreed to the adoption and social services has completed their annex A report. We now have to complete the court forms and take them in with our fee.

My question is, we have to fill in a form for each child, is this then 4 separate adoptions, so 4 fees or will it all be together on the one fee.

Should we still have a solicitor even though the biological parent has agreed or can we just represent ourself. The A58 form for the adoption asks for the details of our legal team, can I leave this blank?

I’m probably going to have more questions so hopefully someone can help. We started this whole process in January so would like to get it completed soon.

Thanks in advance. 

WyfOfBathe Wed 08-Nov-17 22:54:36

Just posting as I'm curious too.

My stepDD is 6, she hasn't had contact with her mum since she was 3 & contact was minimal before that. I now work part time, so I'm her main carer. DH & I have talked about me adopting DD, but are planning to leave it a couple of years so that DD can understand what it would mean.

Sorry I can't answer your questions!

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