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What was fab about your social worker?

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donquixotedelamancha Fri 27-Oct-17 17:04:46

I did a (lighthearted) thread about daft things SW say, some time ago. I meant to redress the balance at the time. Now seems a good moment to finally get round to it.

Please post all the best/nicest/most helpful things SWs have done for you over the years. SWs can join in about their colleagues.

If you really need to vent with a little SW bashing, please don't do so on this thread. There are plenty of other threads, the one I mentioned is here:

donquixotedelamancha Fri 27-Oct-17 17:56:41

I'll start: When we adopted DD2 the initial plan had been an immediate (FtA type) placement. This wasn't possible, so our SW got us to approval in 3 months, so DD didn't languish in care. She did much of the training in the evenings and weekends so it could be rushed though.

When the LA were faffing and procrastinating our SW's fierce manager came to the planning meeting and cracked some skulls. The result: matching panel two weeks after approval and intros was a week later.

Without my fab agency, DD1 would have spent many more months more in FC.

anxious123 Fri 27-Oct-17 19:07:45

My birth son's second last one supervised our goodbye contact which meant both is us were relaxed with someone we knew. And was the only professional involved to ever give me a hug.

PoppyStellar Fri 27-Oct-17 20:18:43

My SW during approval was fab, very thorough and although she did have me in tears on more than one occasion, she went the extra mile regularly to get things done for me and keep the process moving. She also really ‘got’ me. I can’t rate her highly enough.

I feel that I have been doubly lucky in that my post adoption support SW has been equally fab. Whilst it took an age to get ASF funding approved and therapy actually starting, she was another one who went above and beyond to support me and DD when things were really tough and beauracracy was holding up official therapy actually starting.

I know not everyone has positive experiences with SW but I feel very lucky that I (and DD by extension) have had really good support from people whose hearts are definitely in the right place - despite the multiple inadequacies of the organisation they work for.

Flower20166 Fri 27-Oct-17 22:37:43

Mine has been fantastic all throughout the process, from keeping in contact regularly and doing what she said she will do, to even emailing me with updates along the way because she knows I’m a worrier and would be panicking about my checks coming back lol.
She’s on my wave length and I’m so glad I got her, although to be honest the other few assessing social workers seem equally as lovely!

TunnelofLove485 Sun 29-Oct-17 21:58:16

Mine out us through the ringer but when we proved ourselves she became our biggest supporter! I had post adoption depression and utterly freaked out...she was there to support me the whole time and tell me she believed in me. My child’s social worker was so very very kind and patient. Lovely lady and they both matched us so well!

darkriver198868 Mon 27-Nov-17 17:33:17

(BM) my social worker has always been honest and straight forward. She never hid anything from me. She has always been proactive about sending me paperwork.

donquixotedelamancha Mon 27-Nov-17 18:58:15

Thanks to all for the contributions. Hopefully the SWs on here are feeling the love. Would be nice to have some more stories.

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