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Foster 2 adopt

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user1493292590 Thu 26-Oct-17 21:54:34

Hi, wondering if anyone can give me some advice. We have been approached with foster 2 adopt again ( we pulled out of a f2a placement earlier this year). The one thing that’s concerns me is that last time we had no medical info about the child, no info about him at all other then his name & age and sketchy info on birth parents. Is this always the case? This worries me greatly as I have a birth child of my own to consider
Thanks x

Flower20166 Thu 26-Oct-17 23:37:29

How old is child?
With a newborn you’re not likely to have much medical info (apart from birth etc) as baby is still so young.
But even with a newborn, social workers should be able to tell you parents background info and any info on siblings

If child is not a newborn I wouldn’t take a fta placement without knowing a decent amount of info. If it’s a fta placement then the child has obviously been in care a while for the social workers to know that the likelihood is going to be adoption and there’s no excuse for them not to pass on all medical information.

Good luck x

user1493292590 Fri 27-Oct-17 07:23:04

Thanks. The child was 18 months & social workers were visiting family and child daily. I couldn’t understand why Info was so scarce. I even asked about his behaviour at home. Was he left alone and not interacted with, did he play with toys? Was he speaking. They must have built up a picture of him, but whenever I asked for more info I got a no. Am worried this will happen again. I think whatever medical info they could give me would have helped. Having a young birth child I am not wanting to take a child where it is suspected there may be autism or a serious condition.

hidinginthenightgarden Fri 27-Oct-17 09:54:31

Children that young will not be diagnosed with autism. Particularly those who have been neglected as they will be lacking social skills anyway and could come across as on the spectrum when they just need some love and support.
I think you need to speak to your SW about what you feel you can handle. Unfortunately most children will come with some sort of issue.

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