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BBC Radio 4’s The World at One, with Jon Manel.

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Monkeybrains2017 Tue 24-Oct-17 19:18:46

Not sure if anyone else is following this podcast....only on episode 2 but I think there are 17. They are only about 10 minutes long and seem quite good!

PoolMummy5 Wed 25-Oct-17 11:15:49

It’s really good.

EastDulwichWife Thu 26-Oct-17 16:38:34

Started this yesterday and have found it really interesting. We're not going through the adoption process but have close friends who are and I've found it to be a really worthwhile listen. Very moving to have the interviews with the family members.

Chicklette Sat 28-Oct-17 00:44:23

Yes, I've just started listening to it but it seems like it will be very interesting

PurpleGrapePip Sun 29-Oct-17 13:04:42

I listened to all the available episodes on my dog walk this morning. It's not telling us adopters/prospective adopters anything new but to still think it's very interesting. Going to ask my close friends and family to give it a listen smile

JoWithABow Tue 31-Oct-17 13:52:53

As a non adopter I have been listening to this and found it really interesting. Listening to the grandfather say how he'd been asked to say which two children they could look after was incredibly sad if thats the way it happened. He was probably right to take the older ones but I'm sure it will always play on his mind.

What I likes about it is that lots of the adults involved in the process have been interviewed so you can hear from lots of perspectives, and even though the social workers and program makers felt unable to comment on the specific reasons for removal in this case. Hearing the birth mother and father give their take on it was unusual. One thing I did wonder is whether in cases like these are the grandparents and siblings allowed any contact post placement? Or would it usually only be letters? I could imagine the siblings and grandparents getting back in touch when they are 18 in this particular case.

PoolMummy5 Tue 31-Oct-17 16:41:23

Sometimes contact is allowed, unless they get deem it too risky. It would depend on the likelyhood of the siblings or grandparents passing on info like their new address or school to the birth parents and how’ve much risk this would entail...

LisaSimpsonsbff Sun 05-Nov-17 23:04:16

I'm not an adopter, but have been listening to this and finding it fascinating and, occasionally, heartbreaking. I found it interesting how slowly it came out how severe the situation was before they were removed - and how genuinely the birth parents seemed to think they were the victims of injustice, despite that.

It must have taken a long time to find a case where everyone - both birth parents, other family members, foster parent and adopters - were all willing to talk publicly (and I do wonder how advisable it was for the birth parents - they don't seem to have given them fake voices, and their situation with six children and three of them under four, etc. is unusual enough that surely many people who know them would recognise it), but it was really worth it - it gives such a deeper picture to have all these different perspectives.

UnderTheNameOfSanders Fri 10-Nov-17 14:17:29

Excellent series. I think it should become 'required listening' to anyone embarking on adoption.

Debbrocha Mon 13-Nov-17 06:28:28

What a brilliant series. I’ve just listened to the final episode and would recommend it to everyone. Each contributor was treated sensitively and I think we were given really good insight into the process of adoption and it’s effects on all involved.

Jessica78 Mon 13-Nov-17 07:55:19

I went to an information meeting recently and this was recommended to us all to listen to, I'm up to the Grandparents episode at the moment and I am finding it really helpful.

littlebillie Tue 14-Nov-17 20:30:28

I have just finished it. Listening to the birth mother was the saddest thing I have every heard. Those poor kids and that sad woman, the presenter didn't know what to say in the interview.

It has given me a real understanding of the system and I salute those who have to make the most difficult of decisions.

annandale Tue 14-Nov-17 23:34:26

Positive but heartbreaking. Couldn't help wanting to know more but quite obvious why we couldn't. The final interview with the mother was chilling sad

catlover1987 Tue 14-Nov-17 23:46:52

I’m working my way through this at the moment. It’s excellent, but very harrowing. Are there any other similar series anyone can recommend? We are seriously considering adoption and going to an information evening next week so want to be as informed as I can.

annandale Wed 15-Nov-17 06:53:02

There's an awful article on not an adoption breakdown bit an impossible situation post adoption, I think it was in the Guardian. Try go ogling 'adoption Max'?

annandale Wed 15-Nov-17 06:54:34

No it's on the BBC magazine website, ' we're scared of our adopted son'

FoldedAndUnfoldedAndUnfolding Thu 16-Nov-17 22:02:26

Argh!! Bloody MN! I’ve just listened to this podcast series and now I’m in bits!!! 😭 It’s JUST SO HEARTBREAKING! Also, as a prospective adopter, no pressure! None at all! 🤮

catlover1987 Sun 19-Nov-17 18:29:50

I’ve finished this now. I found the last episode with the birth Mum really disturbing. The fact that she sees no problem with continuing to have children she clearly can’t care for. I know there’s no way to stop that happening, but just sad to think how many more children may end up in the system because of her reckless actions.

JoWithABow Sun 19-Nov-17 19:37:02

I see what you mean catlover, except the birth mum obviously doesn't think she is incapable of looking after children, so I guess that wouldn't factor in her decision making.

I know we don't know much of the details but I found it a bit of a shame that the grandparents couldn't have been supported to look after all of them, eg being helped with a bigger house and maybe some support at home. I suppose there's not an endless pot of money and the ages of the grandparents vs the children is a factor too.

annandale Mon 20-Nov-17 01:14:06

I got the feeling there was something else going on there Jo; the fact that the adopted children aren't going to carry on seeing their grandparents indicates a problem. I wonder if the grandparents don't really see their daughter as having a problem, or if they treat the older children differently somehow but struggle to adapt to the younger ones.

JoWithABow Mon 20-Nov-17 23:54:48

That could be it anna. Do we know how old the older children are? I wonder even if they were fantastic role models /substitute parantal figures do you think they would have been allowed to take them all?

fatberg Thu 30-Nov-17 16:00:20

These are worth a look.

MummyDoingHerBest Tue 10-Apr-18 19:47:52

This podcast has been nominated for a few awards.

1. The Adoption has been nominated for an award for Best Family Podcast in the British Podcast Awards.

2. Please consider voting for the listeners award:

3. The Adoption” has been nominated for “Podcast of the Year” in The Drum Online Media Awards 2018.

I know lots of people who have started or are thinking of starting the adoption process have found this podcast useful.

MummyDoingHerBest Tue 10-Apr-18 19:50:53

The actual podcast can be found here smile

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