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Sgo and adoption

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Belle231 Sun 27-Aug-17 22:54:48

Hi... Apologies if this is a bit vague and long but I'm trying to not give too much away as i think my situation might be slightly less common and potentially outing.

A relative has been taken into care, baby is very young and due to family history ss do not want any contact with birth parents. Myself and my partner have been assessed initially as foster carers but then the plan was to apply for an sgo. This report was completed ready for the next court date. However due to baby's very young age they have changed their plan slightly and are going to request a care order and then in 12 months or so support us to adopt baby.

I'm wondering if anyone has experience with a similar situation? And what can I expect during the adoption process that hasn't come up during sgo assessment if anything?

Also if a care order is in place does this mean baby will be placed with us under a foster placement? We were planning a family holiday later in the year at which point we would have had parental responsibility... Is it likely that it will still be possible?

Communication hasn't been the greatest for various reasons so haven't had a chance to discuss any questions with ss apart from agreeing to plan and arranging contact

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flapjackfairy Mon 28-Aug-17 07:45:21

No direct experience of sgo but have a friend who is fc and has 2 relatives with a view to getting sgo in a short while . They will need to get a placement order for adoption so yes you will be fc initially ( unlesss an sgo granted ). That means you will not have parental resp at that point as it will be shared between social services and birth parents. However s s will have overriding responsibility so going on hols etc shouldnt be an issue.
You will only get full pr when the adop order is granted by the courts severing the legal link to the birth parents. After obtaining a placement order you will still need to wait 10 weeks ( or we did when adopting our foster child ) to lodge the court papers and then you will have to wait for adop order to be granted . How long that takes depends on a few things but particularly whether or not the parents object to the adoption . That would delay it a bit.
Anyway hope that helps give some idea of the process. Good luck x

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