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New sibling

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Pixey53 Sun 27-Aug-17 08:25:17

My husband and I have adopted a sibling set. the parents have split up. But something that came up at panel was the dad might have another child or be expecting another child with someone else. This was something we were not expecting to hear and when we asked they said they had very little information and it wasn't a certainty that he was having another child. We are due to meet our social worker in just over a week to put adoption order through. Should we ask if anymore information has come to light about this or just wait it out in till we are told for certain

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hidinginthenightgarden Sun 27-Aug-17 20:31:30

No harm on asking. I would imagine though, if the mother is capable of caring for the baby, you won't hear anything else.

SueL60 Sun 03-Sep-17 00:08:37

Why would you want to know? I know my son won't be telling the adopter of his daughter he will be having another child shortly. His partner doesn't want her to be told either. But will tell their newborn as soon as she can understand. I have been forbidden to share. We only have pictures of her to 18 months but they are displayed all over the house to be seen. If she wasn't told I am sure our new grandchildren will ask about her. There is a lot the adopter needs to know far more important than siblings SS won't allow her to know

mymindisabridged Sun 03-Sep-17 22:33:21

Why wouldn't you want a child you're related to to know they have a sibling? What would you want to keep it as a 'secret' they can only find out later?

How is it in the child's best interests to have the knowledge that they have a birth sibling kept from them?

SueL60 Sun 03-Sep-17 22:56:43

Its not my place to tell. I can't be excited about this either so another year with very little good news
. If the parents had split and there was some contact that would be different. But they don't and I doubt they ever will.
Her adopted family is now her family. The relationship with her father has been wiped. She is not entitled to any of his estate should he even have any. She will likely never meet her siblings. So what is the loss?
I have a half brother I have never met. My father strayed.... his name is Martin and I have no interest in meeting him, even now my Dad has died. Why should my Adopted GD feel any different, even with letters and the lies she will be presented with in 13 ears time

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