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adoption book for 4 year old

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muddlepuddle1 Fri 25-Aug-17 22:16:35

My cousin is adopting a child and I haven't discussed it with my 4 year old yet. I'm not quite sure how to approach it and wondered if anyone recommended any good books for that age group or had any thoughts?

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LateToTheParty Sun 27-Aug-17 11:16:01

This is quite a nice story book about adoption that our (adopted) children enjoy/enjoyed it at a similar age:

I don't have this yet but it's on my wish list and gets good reviews:

Will the new cousin's DC be older or younger than yours? If they are younger you might not need to explain much. My nephew was 4 when our eldest was placed with us aged 2, and he didn't question the "large baby" cousin who just suddenly appeared. I know my SIL did let him know what was happening, partly to reassure him that children don't just randomly switch families in case it made him worry about his family situation.

muddlepuddle1 Sun 27-Aug-17 11:55:25

Thanks for your reply! It's very helpful. I'd ordered Teazles baby bunny and it arrived yesterday and looks great! My cousin is just getting to the end of the process with panel coming up next month. Might take a while from here I know but I want to be organised if not! Good to hear your nephew didn't ask too much as I'm hoping my daughter won't too! But yes that's just my thinking, I don't want her worrying anything about our family situation. Thank you!

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LateToTheParty Sun 27-Aug-17 14:00:19

Great, best of luck to your cousin!

PoppyStellar Sun 27-Aug-17 15:08:51

The Family Book by Todd Parr is another good one for introducing the concept that families are created in all sorts of different ways and cone in all shapes and sizes.

PoppyStellar Sun 27-Aug-17 15:09:25

Come not cone wink

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