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DD's portrait on bloody Facebook

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Rainatnight Sat 15-Jul-17 00:28:19

My aunt just sent us an portrait of DD, which had been done from a photo. It was a surprise.

DP and I decided to check out the artist online and there, all over her Facebook page, is DD's bloody portrait!

I've been super careful about online sharing, which is actually really hard for me as I'm the kind of person who'll post a picture of a new pair of shoes...But I've been really disciplined and in fact haven't even mentioned on Facebook that I have a daughter (don't want to until AO goes through, for some weird superstitious reason).

And now her portrait has almost 200 likes from randomers.

The thing is,'s a terrible portrait grin! As DP said, looking at it doubtfully, 'well, we know it's her because those are our cushions in the background'.

I'm going to contact the artist to have it taken down all same, to be on the safe side. But blimey - I got such a fright and thought I'd share with people who get it! It's crazy how hard it is to really stay social media-free.

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DownUdderer Sat 15-Jul-17 05:23:15

I'd be a bit miffed if the artist had it on Facebook, but I guess if it's actually awful I'd just message the artists get it taken down and just move on from it smile

GirlsWhoWearGlasses Sat 15-Jul-17 07:33:12

No wonder you got a fright. It's lucky (though sad for the artist wink) that it's not very good.

Someone on FB recently shared one of those awful 'Long lost family' pages with a post from a birth mother with photos of the child and details of the adoptive parents. It had been shared thousands of times. Sometimes I wonder if I'm overcautious...and then I see something like that.

GirlsWhoWearGlasses Sat 15-Jul-17 07:33:57

That was meant to be a winky face. No idea what happened!

Kr1stina Sat 15-Jul-17 08:06:45

We had this with a wedding photographer. Our children were not in the wedding party but he had still photographed them ( very clear close up, without our knowledge or consent ) and put on his website.

He took it down immediately when I asked but it was up for several weeks before I spotted it.

RebelRogue Sat 15-Jul-17 09:25:10

Sometimes I wonder if I'm overcautious

You are not. There are actually dedicated groups on FB for this. Bio parents sharing pics,area and asking to be let known if anyone spots the kid,where etc. Reporting the groups did nothing, FB considers it completely acceptable .

donquixotedelamancha Sat 15-Jul-17 10:48:51

Our situation is a as low risk as you get, and I'd still have this photo taken down. I'd probably do so if they weren't adopted- it's idiotic of a business to put up pictures of a child without consent.

OlennasWimple Sat 15-Jul-17 12:37:11

I agree, donquixote - it's really bad practice for any company to use photos of children without parental consent,

Rainatnight Sat 15-Jul-17 17:30:33

Thanks all. I've contacted the artist and she's taken everything down.

I have a feeling that this will just be constant. It's probably another thread, but I'm finding business's mining of customers' experience for 'content' really off-putting. It feels as though everywhere we go - baby music, baby bloody yoga, baby swimming - they want photos for marketing purposes and I'm constantly filling in forms and writing NO (in a slightly aggressive underlined way grin).

People need to just be allowed get on with stuff. Not everything exists for the Internet.

Rant over.

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bostonkremekrazy Sat 15-Jul-17 19:23:07

Wait till you hit school...the photo mania goes mad 😈 yuk yuk yuk

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