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Should my dm pass on this message

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itispersonal Wed 12-Jul-17 17:29:08

My dm has a new phone and still not sure how to work it. So asked to look at some messages on Facebook.

On Facebook she had a random message asking if she knew x X same surname born and lived at this address. Who had a child on xx called xx.

I read the message to my mum and it apparently is my mums sister in law who had a child adopted when she was a teen. Who her husband and other grown children born after know nothing about! And not many of the aunts family knew anything about it.

Oddly the person who is asking on behalf of the adopted person (we assume) is a Facebook friend on said aunt and her children.

My dm tried to ring aunt but her husband answered and then when she called my sister answered so dm didn't mentioned it and now says she won't!

I know many many years have passed nearly 50 year but I can't help but think dm should at least tell her someone is looking for aunt and then it's up to aunt what she decides to do next. My dm says she doesn't want to get involved!

Do you think I should let off my mum or tell aunt myself if dm won't?

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NotTheDuchessOfCambridge Wed 12-Jul-17 17:31:40

I'd tell her, then it's her decision to meet/not meet the person. By not telling her you take away her choice.

Kr1stina Fri 14-Jul-17 00:29:17

Yes, what the duchess said

Italiangreyhound Fri 14-Jul-17 22:43:37

What Dutchess said.

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