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Considering to adopt an orphan or two but at what cost?

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RTCW Tue 11-Jul-17 22:19:00

Long story short, the orphan children are members of my extended family. They were without their mother for a while and only just recently, they have lost their father as well.

There are about 6 orphan children from that family, I can't adapt more than two children at once. They're in a developing country, there isn't really anyone to look after them except a few members of extended family who may, may not be able to look after them.

The biggest concern for me is cost of raising a child. I mean I don't have children of mine yet, I don't really have an idea of what costs are.

I researched a little bit but all of them seem to discuss about housing costs and loss of potential dual income. Those don't really apply to me, I mean I have large house and I am stay-at-home mum so...

Does anyone have rough estimates as to how much will it cost to raise a child?

annoyedand Tue 11-Jul-17 22:28:08

I don't think anyone can give you a
Specific cost.
Do you work ? Would you
Need childcare ?

Do you want to be a
Mother as if you genuinely want to care for these children
You will work it out although this again
Is dependent of your financial situation are
You financially stable !

RTCW Tue 11-Jul-17 22:32:47

My husband work, no childcare is needed.

I do want to be a mother though I don't plan having a children for at least two years or more.

Rosieandtim Tue 11-Jul-17 22:50:18

I would say the cost of your sanity, sleep and waistline.

I think it's worth it for mine, though.

Do you want to adopt? Do you want these children?

RTCW Tue 11-Jul-17 23:19:54

Yes, I do want these children.

Is £200 a month uplift to our existing living expenses a fair estimate for each child? Or are we talking about in region of £1000s?

annoyedand Wed 12-Jul-17 08:34:48

I am concerned with your obsession in regards to
Money's and comments saying I wouldn't be a mother for a few years.. yes that is true in regards to birth child but would would be a mother to these two children also...
Do you want to genuinely care for these children as if you did you really
Wouldn't give a
Shit about
The costs.

And no one can give you an amount sometimes they need
Clothes other times they didn't probably add an extra £25-50 a week on your food bill dependent how you cook x

Jellycatspyjamas Wed 12-Jul-17 09:46:42

I think it's fair to think about the financial cost of raising children in terms of whether you have sufficient income now to cover your current living costs and is there room in your budget for children. Putting a monthly money figure on it is much more of a challenge. Some people manage well on a shoestring and some struggle on a good income.

A guide might be looking to see what your local authority pay as a weekly allowance to foster carers because that allowance is intended to cover living costs including clothes, activities, increased food and household bills etc.

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