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Celebration Hearing

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ac73 Mon 08-May-17 21:37:56

We have recently had our celebration hearing and our eldest (5) has been having frequent meltdowns ever since. Just wondered if anyone else has experienced this?
Thank you!

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Italiangreyhound Sun 14-May-17 17:39:42

Ac73, sorry to hear this.

What form are these troubles taking?

No, not for us, we did not have issues around celebration.

But it has just passed our third year anniversary of our son coming to live with us and my mentioning unsettled him.

We started out, after a year, celebrating the day. Two years on he was uncomfortable and this year we barely mentioned it.

I think different children process things differently (our son is 6 and came at 3 to live with us).

Maybe your child is unsettled as she knows this is a slightly unusual event.

In your shoes I would just try and get back to normal life.

But if it carries on, ask for post adoption support.

We had Theraplay, which was fab.

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