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Social worker visit

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DINKY2016 Wed 12-Apr-17 16:27:40

We have a social worker coming to see us next week about a child we have expressed interest in. We've read the CPR and there is nothing in there that worries us (more than we would expect anyway) We don't know much about the meeting next week and what to expect. Can anyone help? After this meeting, what happens next? How long til they tell us if they want to proceed? If they do want to proceed, then what? Thanks!

GirlsWhoWearGlasses Wed 12-Apr-17 19:46:10

That's exciting! Our process, which may be different to yours, was the meeting you describe where LO's SW said more about her and we asked a few questions. In our case they told us there and then, but they aren't meant to. There was then a linking meeting, then we got more info, photos etc, then a Matching Panel, then we met with FC and BPs, then a meeting to plan Introductions, had the Introductions, brought DD home.

That whole process took just over 2 months over Christmas.

Best of luck and make sure you prepare a few questions for the SW and that you leave them in no doubt re how keen you are.

DINKY2016 Wed 12-Apr-17 19:56:30

Thanks. That's helpful. We are really keen and excited but I know it's important that comes across. Thanks for replying!

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