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Nervous about starting visits soon

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Telescopedragon Sun 09-Apr-17 20:30:07

DW and I are starting visits soon.
I think I had been going through the adoption process expecting to be told it wasn't going to happen. Until last week when we were told when we were starting visits and suddenly the nerves have started.
What if he doesn't like me or our DCs or DW. What if we meet him and we love him then it doesn't work out.
Suddenly it seems very very real.
I'm hoping someone has advice on what we should expect or how it was for them. Or if they would have done something differently.

luckylucky24 Sun 09-Apr-17 20:47:44

It is very very unlikey that it wouldn't work out for you from the legal POV.
I'm sure he will like you all. He has waiting for so long for his forever family that he will likely be (depending on age and background) quite positive about meeting you even if a little apprehensive.
Our intros went very well. Our SW encouraged us to take the lead from day one which really helped us all. Nothing I would have changed.
Good luck.

Telescopedragon Mon 10-Apr-17 20:58:20

Thank you for replying
Glad you had a positive experience hopefully ours will be the same.

DINKY2016 Tue 18-Apr-17 07:21:13

How was it? We are a few months behind you but it would be good to hear about a recent experience.

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