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Link to adoption programmes

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murdershewrote Sun 09-Apr-17 19:27:54

Hi i saw a thread on here ages ago that had links to all the adoption programmes that have been on tv. I can't find it now, would anyone be able to link it for me?
I've just enjoyed watching the Love is Not Enough series from the late 90s and would like to watch some more. Thanks smile

tldr Mon 10-Apr-17 00:33:45

Here you go

murdershewrote Tue 11-Apr-17 12:35:08

Brilliant thanks for that smile

MoomooMummy01 Sun 16-Apr-17 23:19:03

I'm watching Love is not enough (on number 6) and it's a really great watch! smile

cigarettesandcush Mon 17-Apr-17 20:20:12

I've just watched all of those too! Couldn't believe what happened in the end was so sad 😥 definitely worth a watch though

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