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Adoption support fund cap remains for 2017

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MintyLizzy9 Tue 07-Mar-17 17:28:28

The 5k cap remains with an additional amount for assessment.

Off to rifle through the house as I'm clearly going to have to raise the rest of the cash I need for DS therapy as LA will only match fund if adoption is about to break down 😤

PoppyStellar Tue 07-Mar-17 23:20:11

I hear you minty it's very frustrating. The whole thing borders on farcical (or at least it would do if it wasn't real life). It's nearly 6 months since I first asked for support, things have moved forward but it's such a slow process. I laugh when I see the timescales on the ASF website. I've been assessed, had the appropriate therapy identified and had the application approved by ASF (I believe, although with my LA nothing is guaranteed). Yet still no actual therapy in place as 'we're waiting on provider availability'.

I first rang them because I felt we were rapidly approaching crisis point. My post adoption SW is lovely but basically the only support I've had is from her dropping in occasionally. It really shouldn't be this hard.

tldr Wed 08-Mar-17 01:44:03

Minty, I thought things were okay. Can we help? flowerscakebrew

tldr Wed 08-Mar-17 01:44:55

Sorry Poppy, not meaning to ignore your crisis either. flowers

MintyLizzy9 Wed 08-Mar-17 05:37:15

We're doing fine (mainly!). DS has some struggles around his anxiety and his self regulation and it can be hard at times. Us a a little team are doing great, no concerns there so no fear around having a disruption its more about building his ability to cope I suppose, can't think of how to word that bit! I do feel a bit of a fraud at times because as challenging as it can be I'm aware so many of you and your DC's have much much greater challenges to face.

SS have basically dropped us like a hot brick and have pretty much said they won't pay or do fucking anything unless we're about to disrupt 😕

I'm doing my best but I'm not a professional and yes I know my boy but there's only so much guidance google can offer!

It's so frustrating to know I finally managed to get an assessment, they recommended therapy but the actual therapy is just being held out on a stick over a cliff and I just can't reach it.

I just get indifference from them, I spill my heart about his night terrors, nightmares, hitting himself, regulation, fear, hyper vigilance and how I need help to help him and I can hear the bloody shoulder shrug coming down the phone!

If he had a broken leg and I didn't take him to hospital for treatment I would be arrested.....treat his mental Health, Na it's fine 😡

Sorry, that turned into a rant!

MintyLizzy9 Wed 08-Mar-17 05:40:59

Also, has anyone managed to even get therapy for under 5k?!

My assessment took out half of last years 5k, I'm clearly in the wrong game!

PoppyStellar Wed 08-Mar-17 09:16:04

No worries at all tldr smile

Minty that sounds tough.

Things were at crisis point for DD for about 3 months and that's when we really needed some support, but we've survived and muddled through. The last couple of months have mostly been a bit better but the underlying issues responsible for us getting to crisis point are still there and need addressing. It's like minty says, it's having the 'here's what you need' dangled in front of you and then when you try and grab it it's always frustratingly just out of reach.

I'm still hopeful (naive?!) that we'll get some actual tangible therapeutic support in place. Am hoping that's not just wishful thinking.

MintyLizzy9 Wed 08-Mar-17 21:51:27

It's draining isn't it! I hope you get sorted soon, it's sound like you're having a rough time of it flowers

I'm allowing myself this week to be fed up (not helped by being full of a cold and knackered) then positive steps after that. Having trouble with nursery this week as well so gearing myself up for what might be a difficult meeting with them tomorrow as he has been hurt this week and they can't explain how or when it happened 😡 never a dull moment at Minty Manor!

My bit of positive this week is DS FINALLY starts speech therapy on Friday after 15 months of stalking the SALT team 👀 And he can now say chicken nugget! 🐔 His early years pupil premium kicks in next term so hoping to get some training set up for nursery staff if I don't go all she-ra on them tomorrow and get barred!!

I had mused about giving up gin for lent....then had a word with myself

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