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Zombo Sat 25-Feb-17 21:55:20

Hi there, I'm looking into finding out about adopting a child. I'm just putting the feelers out at the moment; enquiring about open days and researching. Could anyone point me towards any good books that could help as I'm looking into everything?

Thanks smile

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ChoccyJules Sat 25-Feb-17 23:57:10

Books by Sally Donovan, adoptive parent, easy to read and down to earth.

Zombo Sun 26-Feb-17 01:20:12

Thank you smile

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CrazyCatLaydee123 Sun 26-Feb-17 16:02:28

"But he looks so normal" by Sarah Nash.

IwantedaSindywardrobe Sun 26-Feb-17 16:42:51

I second the Sally Donovan books.

tldr Sun 26-Feb-17 17:24:29

Try some of these. (Some with tissues, others with a pinch of salt IIRC.)

user0000000001 Sun 26-Feb-17 21:58:31

Just downloaded that Sarah Naish book and I am absolutely howling with laughter. Absolutely brilliant.

Elbi Sun 26-Feb-17 23:46:58

Yep, No Matter What by Sally Donovan is a great place to start. I haven't adopted but friends have so I read quite a few books and found this one in particular was great for understanding what's going on for them.

GodMother78 Tue 28-Feb-17 20:07:40

Yep both Sally Donovan Books are very good our social worker recommended both of them. Although I had already read The first one. I must try Sarah Naish book

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