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What questions did you get asked..

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vanessa5076 Wed 08-Feb-17 07:50:17


First post and apologies if this has been asked before.

We are hopefully going to move to stage 2 soon after a few bumps in the road and I am wondering what sort of questions to expect when we move on. I know they are going to be intrusive so would like some idea so I am less "shocked" when they ask blush

Thanks for your help!

Chocogoingcuckoo Wed 08-Feb-17 10:08:29

Hi Vanessa, we were asked about childhood trauma, illnesses, family dynamics, infertility, our relationship, what went wrong in past relationships and what have we learned from that, how is the housework/financial responsibilities split, what kind of parents we aspire to be, what are we most looking forward to, our plans for childcare and work arrangements, who is taking adoption leave, our understanding of attachment and attunement. We had to describe the impact of any traumatic episodes and and how we reflect on these as adults and also the coping mechanisms we use to deal with these. This was so the social workers could demonstrate in the form F that we could help a child work through any trauma/issues that they may have.

There's a thread further down, I think it's called 2017 prospective adopters might be helpful to you.

Good luck.

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