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Foster to adopt questions

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Flower20166 Wed 01-Feb-17 20:08:59

Hi, I have a few questions for the people who've done foster to adopt.
Did you get approved specifically for foster to adopt, or we're you already approved a a foster carer?
I'm currently a foster carer and my social worker has mentioned fta and asked if I would ever consider it... We didn't talk about it a great deal but it got me wondering, would I get placed with a fta placement or would I have to be assessed before?
Also, is it only newborns they place as fta or older children too?

sweetchilli77 Wed 01-Feb-17 20:18:30

Hi, we was approved adopting sibling groups. This was based on the fact that SS told us from day one that adopting a newborn baby was very limited unless it was a FTA situation to which again would come with great risks we didn't want to go with.....

However.... we was approved and then had at least 3 lots of sibling groups interested and we saw some profiles which we where intending to take further when we got a phone call.....

That phone call was our baby was worth everything.

The thing with FTA is the risk they could go back to there families, as a foster carer already i would tread carefully, they may feel with you being a foster carer already that they can afford to take that risk with you. (i hope that makes sense)

From my experience FTA tend to be very young babies, however i maybe wrong.

Im happy to answer anymore questions you have if i can help smile

Flower20166 Wed 01-Feb-17 20:42:49

Thanks for your reply.
Aw I'm glad you got your baby girl!
Yes I was wondering if they may think that due to me being a foster carer already. My LA are really really good though and I don't think they would, but fta is a risk anyway I guess.x

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