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Things to think about in support package

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Adoptingachild Sat 14-Jan-17 12:13:25

So we are just starting the adoption process of our foster daughter who is 5 - we have had her from birth.

When compiling the support package, what things would you suggest we need to include now and going forward in the future. She is registered disabled and has chronic lung disease and cannot sweat so therefore need to think now of things for the future.

Hope this makes sense and thanks in advance.

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flapjackfairy Sat 14-Jan-17 16:20:58

We have just adopted our fc who has complex needs and will require life long care.
We felt that an adoption allowance was important to enable us to be there to provide 24 hr care as with it we could proceed secure in the knowledge that our child would get the care he needs but not at the expense of our other children if that makes sense.
We had a good sw who negotiated a flat rate that is not means tested and it is written into the adoption order so that it cannot be taken away from us down the line (which happened to someone we know) so i would advise you do the same .
Other than that we didnt feel we needed anything else specific as we are well supported by medical professionals etc.
Anyway good luck with the adoption it is v exciting .

fasparent Sat 14-Jan-17 16:37:14

All can be different with SEN children.
Think you have too valuate and list what is in place now and will be available freely in school and NHS.,
I would assume your child is Registered with LA Statutory Disability team and supported on a pathway/jigsaw plan leading too a Educational health care plan if so presume should put in place support on the way. As registered on EHCplan in school would attract extra funding for school plus Pupil premium plus of £1900pa. This part could be as much as
£7900pa., Without Adoption support fund capped at £5000 per child.
Community paediatrician service also could attract addition al support for a younger child .

We are in a same position as you at the moment with child who needs multiple support network, We share support between nursery and home
too create a greater home school partnership (this is our choice) includes
playthearapy. eating/speech and language, OT, and physiotherapy., all put in by NHS and disability outreach team. We will evaluate things as and when we feel what best will benefit our child , may be too increase with additional sessions in particular area or explore new areas which may be beneficial, may be therapeutic or aid's.
SS Children's services have agreed too this approach, we may be in a position we do not need additional support , Who knows we can only hope this will be our position.

fasparent Sat 14-Jan-17 17:25:55

Must remember what is promised is not sacristant all depends on current and future government disability policy's as we are experiancing with massive cuts in all areas , they always seem too hit the most vulnerable of society with little or no voice's.

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