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Worried about the garden

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KellyBoo800 Mon 09-Jan-17 09:50:22

Just looking for advice ahead of our first home visit.

Our house has needed a lot of work doing to it, which we have spent the past 2 years doing. This means that the garden has been really low on our list of priorities. It doesn't help that our next door neighbour was having building work done that meant he removed a lot of fence panels at the bottom of the garden to make room for builders (with our permission) but the panels have still not gone up - as it stands, you could walk from our garden across his garden and into the garden of the other house next door to him.

Our garden is very large and at the top of the garden there is another fence panel missing that is behind some very large trees. There is also a huge pile of old wood (from and the refurbishment of the house and from pruning the many many trees in the garden) that needs to go on a bonfire, but won't be able to do this for months and there is so much there that it will take a long time to get through.

We do have a patio that is entirely self contained apart from a path to the rest of the garden. There is a wall (about 4ft high) as a barrier in between. We are thinking of getting a gate so that when you walk out of our back door, you have a medium sized patio with a gate to the left (which you use to exit the property) or a gate infront of you that you can use to access the rest of the garden. This gate would be lockable and would therefore ensure that the patio is child-proof all the while we are working on the rest of the garden. This would also put my mind at rest as we have a dog who can currently only go in the garden on his lead - even if the rest of the fence panels were replaced, I'd feel uneasy letting the dog in the garden unsupervised as it's so big and he's so little and there's so many trees!

Do you think if we could get this done before we have a home visit, the social workers would think that our garden was safe enough?

KellyBoo800 Mon 09-Jan-17 10:15:11

Should probably clarify - we are still very early stages so want to get this done between the initial visit (sometime in the next couple of weeks) and the homestudy.

Rainatnight Mon 09-Jan-17 10:17:35

Could you ask your social worker for a view?

You might need to offer what you've described above to the visiting social worker and be prepared to be told that you might need to do more for when the little one arrives.

Rainatnight Mon 09-Jan-17 10:18:46

Oh sorry, it's your first home visit! I thought you were being matched.

I think get it done and see what they think. There is lots of time to do more if they think you need to.

CrazyCatLaydee123 Mon 09-Jan-17 11:58:48

Ahhh feels like my life! A lot of our house was 'in the process' of being done (old Victorian house, we'd only dealt with the rooms were use a lot).
A word of advice - do as much as you can now!
My DH can only get things done if he has a deadline looming, and by looming, I mean midnight the night before. Honestly, our children are seeing our house for the first time today, and last night I was cutting skirting boards for the kitchen (which was installed 2.5 years ago). He only just got the ensuite done (our bathroom is downstairs on the end of the house) the day before we met DCs, and after they leave today I will be tiling!

KellyBoo800 Mon 09-Jan-17 13:32:33

Rain thank you so much for the advice!

Crazy good luck today, how exciting!! But yes our house is exactly like that, it is just full of lots of small jobs that need doing (we put wooden flooring down two years ago and still haven't got round to doing the scotia trim!). We've recently ripped out and rebuilt our kitchen but it still has no radiator! And I've only realised from looking online today at what I'll need to sort, that we don't have smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors. WTF?!?). The spare bedroom (which might hopefully one day become our childs bedroom - eeeeek!) just needs a lick of paint, a new carpet, and some curtains - so that ight actually be the easiest to sort!

Fooksakeduckie Mon 09-Jan-17 19:04:50

I wouldnt worry about it, we were told to get a gate to secure our garden, but doesn't need done until a child is coming to stay.

Mule22 Mon 09-Jan-17 20:51:43

We are at the end of stage 2 going to panel in 8 days 😁
We was having a second bathroom made into a 3rd bedroom and there was building work going on for that when we had our first visit at the beginning of stage 2 and the garden was a state ! No fence but it's the neighbours do I didn't want to be paying for it ! We explained what we planned etc and they were fine with it as long as by the end it was ready and as it's still local authority next door she said she could write a letter explaining it had to be done for the safety of our potential adopted children and our PAR says that once a match is made bedrooms will decorated to children's choice and things like stair gates plugs and cupboard locks will be fitted then too
I think it will be fine as long you explain it too them

Good luck on your journey 😊

MintyLizzy9 Tue 10-Jan-17 12:11:14

I think it was my very last home visit before the SW had a look glad I had spent HOURS cleaning before every visit!! By the time she had a look around I was past caring so although it was clean and tidy it wasnt show home.

I have a couple of steps in my garden and it was raised as a potential issue I asked if they expected me to level the entire garden levelled because of two steps my voice sounded compliant but my eyes were are you on glue and she just laughed and said oh god no, I'm sure once they've fallen down them a couple of times they will be careful!

I'd just say it's a work in progress and that before any child comes along the panels will be replaced and the garden made safe, my SW was happy with this regarding stuff inside the house like stair gates etc. I think they are looking for major issues and ensuring you are aware of what needs to be done.

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