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Adopting and Allowances

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Adoptingachild Sat 19-Nov-16 13:46:30

I currently have been fostering DD since birth and we've de used to go ahead and adopt her. She has considerable health needs and this is why she wasn't adopted years ago.

Does anyone out there have any idea of the estimated allowance you can get for a child when adopting them. I'm not adopting her for the money but with her needs there are def going to be financial needs now and later on in life.

Is there a weekly amount or is it a lump sum - I have no idea at all.

Thanks in advance

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flapjackfairy Sat 19-Nov-16 15:49:25

We have been able to negotiate a good adop allowance for our 2 yr old who has v complex needs. I dont want to go into details but it is a generous ammount (although a big drop from the fostering payment we were being paid as we are with an agency.)

flapjackfairy Sat 19-Nov-16 15:56:55

Sorry posted too soon!
It is not means tested and guaranteed to be paid weekly until he is 18.
The childs sw put together a business plan to show how much they would save on leaving him in a specialist foster placement or residential care and they were all happy for adopt to go ahead.
Just one more thing get the details and amount written into the adoption order so no wriggle room.
Hope that helps. Good luck.
We got our adoption order through this week so v exciting times here .

bostonkremekrazy Sat 19-Nov-16 15:57:36

The maximum amount is the weekly fostering allowance for the child that the la pays minus child benefit.
Most la's now insist that it is means tested yearly....but wont tell you what the threshold apply, submit all evidence eg bank statements, proof of mortgage/rent....and computer says yes - or usually No.

flapjackfairy Sat 19-Nov-16 16:02:09

None of the above applied with our case due to the high level needs of our child and the fact that they would probably never get another adoptive family for him.
I think those are the usual rules though as boston has said .

bostonkremekrazy Sat 19-Nov-16 16:13:46

Well done flapjack...very difficult to get noawdays and obviously reserved for the most complex now.....years ago lots of families received allowances but not now. Too many people left fighting sadly.

flapjackfairy Sat 19-Nov-16 16:42:50

I totally agree boston it shouldnt be that way and isnt fair .

Adoptingachild Sat 19-Nov-16 16:46:31

Thank you all for your replies...

DD was up for adoption for years even advertising with enhanced adoption allowance but they couldn't get anyone to adopt her because of her health.

We currently get our fostering allowance plus get 50% enhancement as I provide home therapy and had to have specialist training to do it.

I just hope that DD social worker is as helpful and puts up a fight for us too.


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2old2beamum Wed 23-Nov-16 17:33:03

Hi Agree with flapjackfairy and boston Our youngest 2 DCs have complex medical needs and were deemed unadoptable. We had quite a good adoption allowance but also claim Child Tax Credit and due to the level of disability we get top wack.
Our eldest one is just 18 and despite still having nearly 2 years in education the adoption allowance stopped on his 18th birthday. Some LAs keep paying until the young person is 25 if they have complex needs.
Good luck

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