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What's this about then

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Thefishewife Wed 16-Nov-16 10:06:39

So dd 3.5 keeps saying I am not xxxxx call me bob

So I say Julie get your coat she will should I am not Julie

She's been doing this a lot or saying I am going to be mummy today or the cat

Has any one exprinced this she just won't be her if you see what I mean we have been playing along however it's getting worse tbh and is getting distressed when we call her by her name

Buster5187 Wed 16-Nov-16 11:01:26

DS did / does bits of this - not the call me a different name part (in fact the complete opposite if people get his name wrong etc is very much it is BOB!!!) but will play out different roles in a relationship, both with peers and us at home. I think it's sometimes there way of working things out in their mind who they are and how they fit into a family / situation. Just exploring the different roles and what they may bring. I also thing this can be pretty standard play amongst children - my DS is 7 now and still sometimes plays Mums and Dads in the yard at school.
Re the wanting a different name, I don't have much advise really, other than emphatically talking with her 'oh you really don't want to be called XYZ today do you?' just to try and see why if she can talk about it at all from there. I'm sure some other posters will come along with their experiences smile

bostonkremekrazy Wed 16-Nov-16 14:57:51

my BC is 3 and does this - call me matilda today mummy.....if i forget and say X your snack is ready she will yell - I'm MATILDA!!!! oops...

she has no issues, plays appropriately etc so i think its part of normal development for all children - obviously for adopted children you have to add in their other experiences too


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